Can Love Bite

what if all things mythical were actually real. and what if they were H-O-T hot!!!


3. sparkling bitch

the next day is my day off. from work and from school. i head to the library. to try to find anything on vampires of curly or whatever. .....nothing. anyhoo. i gave up on trying to figure out the.... you know what ...never mind... nothing happened...right? so i head home and pack my bag for our trip. when i mean our. i mean my 2 besties.  Raylin. aka Rain. and Meredith aka Mer. we are camping in the midddle of the woods and our favorite spot to swim is next to it. a little pond/lake. with a diving rock. we all meet there when we were little. we have been best friends since.  i could really use some relaxation time. 


Harrys pov

the day after i left her house. i couldn't stop thinking about her. no one has ever .....reacted like that. maybe she is...part couldn't be they were all killed. " hey Harry where have you been " says Nial in his stupid Irish accent. "hey mate you were gone for a while" Louis says. " i took a walk guys, chill" i say. they know how hard it is for me  not to feed on humans. then it hits me. i wasn't drawn to her. food wise. maybe she.... stop it no! gotta get her out of your head. " Hey did Jane call" i ask the boys. "no sorry dude" Laim said. " can you blame her. you pushed her away and she fell in love with Zayn. they left. never to be heard from again."  " wow Lou thanks for reminding me' i say.  "im gonna head to tavern" i say.  and i head out. maybe Jo is there, i need to get this.... fragile human out of my head.  as im waking in the woods i hear something. laughing. me being the curios thing that I am I go check it out. some campers again at that pond. but then i see her. the girl i threatened to kill if i didn't keep her mouth shout. well shit. there goes me keeping her out of my head. 

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