Can Love Bite

what if all things mythical were actually real. and what if they were H-O-T hot!!!


10. new eyes

Scar's pov

i wake up in a strange room. my head is pounding. my throat is dry.i am so thirsty. i don't know where i am. i don't remember anything. then it hits me like a wave. i  could smell something. i shoot up from the bed. i see Harry smiling at me. "Hello love" he winked. "you sure took your time waking up. i thought id done something wrong" he added. i couldn't concentrate on what he was saying. all i could do is smell. there was something amazing coming from underneath his skin and i  put vampire and blood together. i wanted to drink his blood. 

"here" he handed you a glass with some sort of blood in it. " it will help with the thirst." but the red liquid inside it didn't smell nearly as good as Harry's blood. i couldn't control myself anymore. i ponced on him. he pushed me away quickly and called in the others. they come in and saw  that i was on the ground. "what did you do!" Nial shouts at Harry. "nothing she just attacked me" he says. they stared at me. but mine were on Harry. or his pulse as it were. you were about to pounce again when Lou grabbed you. "try and giver her the blood" he nodded towards the glass still barely in Harry's hand. "you got to drink it, Scarlet" Liam said calmly. Harry Carfuly poured it down my throat. it didn't taste that bad, but no-where near as good as i thought Harry's would be. 

i liked my lips. still watching Harry, suddenly you choked and the blood sprayed out my mouth. it was horrible. i couldn't keep the drink down. everyone was staring at me. when it was all out of my system i couldn't take it anymore. i got free of Lou's hold and Pounced on Harry once again. 

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