Can Love Bite

what if all things mythical were actually real. and what if they were H-O-T hot!!!


5. HOW COULD SHE!!! oh...

Harry's Pov

after they swim they head onto the rock to sun bath. then i hear squealing. oh god. that hurt then i realized i growled. great. that girl looks my way. shit. but then she turned around again. huh guess she didn't see me. then the blue haired girl asks the curlly red haired girl about a boy. then they burst out laughing. oh... she looks so beau.... no! then the Blue and Red haired girls turn to her. " how r u?" they ask. "yeah, i mean since the murder"   the blue haired girl says. THE WHAT!!!!!! THAT LITTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i start growling she looks my way. "hey pay attention to us" blue says. " im ok" she said.  "oh come on...u never told us what happened." says red. yes please i would like to here this!!!!!!!!  " well i was walking home from Selena's party , (wait what it was work she was coming home from) and you know how i have to pass the park on the way. well i saw a girl (huh) standing over a body, holding a gun" she says "then what happened" blue says. "then she looks up and sees me standing there. she points the gun at me(WHAT!)" she says. "noooooooo!!!!!!" blue & red say in union "yes, the police arrive and try to take her down, but as she dose that she shoots me." " OMG" they say. im pisseed. i start to growl. that was Jo. and to think i was going to the tavern to get laid by her. urrrg. i could feel my eyes getting red. (when ever i get pissed not mad/angry but pissed my eyes turn red like pic) she looks my way she must have seen my eyes because she silently gasps. then i leave. 

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