Can Love Bite

what if all things mythical were actually real. and what if they were H-O-T hot!!!


9. grrrrrrrr


harry's pov

"Scarlet!" i shout as she falls. she isn't passed out, shes conscious. she is lifeless but breathing. then i notice blood. "shes been scratched." i say. " what!" they say. " well, you know what to do Har." liam says. "no!!!" i can't do that to her. she deserves to live." i say finally admitting my feelings. gosh she's beautiful even in pain. gah curse me and my evil like thoughts. "Nial, haven't you been working on an antidote?" i ask.  "yeah if you want her to look like a frog for the rest of her life" Louis says while laughing. " stop laughing" i growl back at him. " do you have a better idea" Liam says to Lou. " i could change her ' he says  "HELL NO! she is not going to be a demon like you" i say to him. " i could view her spirit and see if it is possible she could end up an .."  "Angle... come on.. be real Li." i say. "well that leaves...." Nial starts. i can't do that to her. but over all Vampire venom can over power the beasts.  i look at the boys. they are staring at me weird....." i said that out loud didn't i" i say. they nod. "if you truly have feelings for her...youll do it." lou says.  " what! are you guys insane. we don't know if she'll be a nice one!" shouts Nial. " what, you got a problem with vamps?" i say. "she's innocent." he says. " if shes like you she'll want to drink blood and she would have to kill for that. she might kill and it would ruin her" he adds.  then she stur. " Scarlet?" i say. " what" she moans. "are you okay" i ask. "sorta." she says. " goes..Youwerescratchedandnowyouneedtoturnintoavampire" i say. her eyes widen.  she takes a minuet to prossses this. "okay" she says. "WHAT!" me and the boys say in union. " i got scratched buy one of those ...things and now im gonna become one and that means youd have to kill me so..Harry is going to change me into a vampire to save me" she says. "how did you get all that from whatever Harry said? " Nail asks. " i didn't..i was listening this whole time." she said. then we burst out laughing. 


after awhile, "you need to do it now or else she's gone" Nial says. i look at her. she nods. and i bite her neck. her blood tastes so sweet it was hard for me to stop. but i did. we took her into the house. i put her in the guest room that never gets used. 

its now been 2 days since i bit her and she hasn't waken up. 

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