Can Love Bite

what if all things mythical were actually real. and what if they were H-O-T hot!!!


15. Finding out who you are

Scar's pov

i get changed from my shorts and tee and into my dance outfit. i put my music on shuffle and Bang Bang by Jessie J,Ariana Grande and Nicky M. i put this song on repeat and work out some moves. as i'm doing this MyS goes off. Ed must be on. 

Ed: hey what r u up to?

Me: nothing just working on a dance. u

Ed: not much..almost done with a song. 

Me: ya, whats it about?

Ed: a girl who is oblivious to how beautiful she is.

Me; nice. 

Ed: what song are you working a dance for?

Me: Bang Bang by....

Ed: Jessie j, Ariana G, And Nicky M

Me: you know it?

Ed: yeah..its

Me: it has a good beat

Ed: sure. 

Me: anyway how have you been up to?

Ed: training a new vamp

........wait what?

Me: oh really? whats his/hers name?

Ed: Missy, y?

Me: nothing just curious

omg could it ooo i'll ask him a only he would know question

Ed; curiousity killed the cat

Me;good thing i'm not a cat

Ed:nice save

Me: thank you, so um... i wanted to know what you fave band is..maybe i heard of them.

Ed: Linkin Park

ME; no way! i love them. i used to have a signed CD but it got stolen

Ed: aw. well i have one so...nananananana

Me: no i gtg 

Ed: ok bye. 



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