The Nerd and The Jock

Korra is starting high school and is already falling for the cute Junior Jock, but the problem she doesn't think that he would fall for a nerd like her. As she gets into the school year a lot starts happening between her and The Jock aka Mako.


2. The Jock

Mako looked over at Korra who was sitting beside him."Don't I know you from somewhere." asked Mako. Korra looked over and said,"Yeah you bumped into me outside earlier and didn't say sorry." responded Korra. Mako stared blankly at her and than responded, "Oh yeah now I remember. Sorry about that I was in a rush and my dad got me mad this morning." Mako's dad had gotten drunk as always and started talking about how it was Mako's fault that his mom left them. It really wasn't his fault. Mako's mom had left with her boss two years ago."Well..... I guess I could forgive you." Korra said as she sat down."Oh and by the way I'm gonna need you to keep your girlfriend under control." added Korra. "What are you talking about? I don't have a girlfriend." Mako said. Mako then said,"Oh, your probably mean Madison. We're not dating I broke up with her two weeks ago." Mako broke up with Madison because she had cheated on him with one of the baseball players. Korra looked at Mako confused. "So than why is she saying that you are her boyfriend." Korra asked. "She just trying to keep every girl I talk to away from me." Mako looked at Korra for a moment and saw that her eyes were like a icy-grayish color. He thought that she was really pretty. "So what about you? Asked Mako. "What do you mean what about me?"Korra said. "I mean do you have a boyfriend?" Answered Mako. "What would make you think that I have a boyfriend cause I don't." Responded Korra. Mako had a surprising look on his face and said, "I'm sorry if I got you mad I was just wondering." Korra than asked, "Do you have a girlfriend?" He responded to her saying, "No." The second bell had rang and it was time for first period which is AP Science. A tall young looking woman looked about in her 20's entered the room and said, "Good morning class I am Mrs. Ross. I will be your AP Science teacher for the next semester. Your first assignment for this class will be a project with a partner. I will be picking your partner. This project is going to be about careers based on science. You and your partner will be given to careers to research about." After about half and hour Mako's Name was called. "Mako your partner will be Korra." Mrs. Ross said. Mako looked at Korra and sighed. He really didn't want Korra as his partner but he was going to have to deal with. "You and your partner's careers will be a meteorologist and a astronomer." Mrs. Ross said. "Whatever." Mako said rolling his eyes while taking the paper.
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