The Nerd and The Jock

Korra is starting high school and is already falling for the cute Junior Jock, but the problem she doesn't think that he would fall for a nerd like her. As she gets into the school year a lot starts happening between her and The Jock aka Mako.


3. Lunch Time

It was finally lunch time for Korra and she had nowhere to sit. "Don't know where to sit either uh?" A voice said behind Korra. She turned around and saw a girl about her height with long brown hair. Korra answered her saying, "Oh yeah It's my first day in high school. Are you new too?" The girl said, "No I'm actually a sophomore it's just I never really sit with anybody so I just go to Starbucks down the street. By the way my name is Asami. What's your's?" Korra responded,"My name is Korra." Asami Looked at Korra and asked," So any crushes so far or guys that are on your mind?" Korra thought about Mako and how dreamy he was. "Hello earth to Korra." Asami said waving her hand in Korra's face. "Oh sorry I was thinking about something" Korra responded. "Well we should go look for a seat come on." Asami said taking Korra to an empty table. "ASAMI!!" Someone said wrapping their arms around Asami. "Bowlin when did you get back? I thought you moved in with your grandmother." Asami said to Bowlin. "Well I decided to come back because I missed you so much." Replied Bowlin. "Are you two dating?" Korra asked. "What no me and Bowlin are besties since the 4th grade." Asami replied. "Oh sorry." Apologized Korea. "It's ok people think we used to date but no we're just really close friends." Bowlin explained. "Hey big bro long time no see. Grandma told me to tell you that I will be living with you?" Bowlin said to someone. Korra looked back to see who it was and saw Mako standing right behind her. She turned back around and started blushing when she saw him. "Hey Korra this is Mako my brother." Bowlin said introducing his brother to Korra. "And Mako this is-" Bowlin said but Mako interrupted him by saying, "I already know who she is." Asami takes Korra's hand and they walk out the lunch room. They stay in the bathroom until fourth period. "What was that about?" Asami asks Korra. "What do you mean?" Korra says. "I mean when Mako said he already knows you." Replies Asami. "Well me and Mako are in the same first period, and we talked. Then the teacher put us as partners." Korra answers. Asami then ask, "Do you like Mako?" Korra looks at Asami and says, "No! What why would I like him?" Asami replies by saying, "Because I saw you blushing when you saw him." Korra than starts blushing again and Asami says, "OMG, you do like him. I knew it." Korra puts her hand over Asami's mouth and says, "Shhhhhhh. Don't be loud about it." Asami nods her head and they walk out the bathroom when they hear the bell ring.

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