The Nerd and The Jock

Korra is starting high school and is already falling for the cute Junior Jock, but the problem she doesn't think that he would fall for a nerd like her. As she gets into the school year a lot starts happening between her and The Jock aka Mako.


1. The Nerd

"Korra wake up it's time for the first day of 9th grade YEAH!!!!" Stated Korra's Mom. "Can't I just have a few more minutes of sleep?" Questioned Korra. Her mom than looked back at Korra with a frown and than said, "No missy no one told you to stay up all night looking for the perfect outfit. You should have done that a week before school started. Now let's go your going to be late for the first day of high school." As Korra saw her mom walk out her room she than went to the bathroom and started her daily routine. Korra didn't really like the feeling about going to high school. She had just moved over the summer, so Korra wouldn't have any of her friends there with her. Korra was a nerd so it might be hard for her to make new friends especially in high school. After Korra was done in the bathroom she than got dressed. She was wearing a black sweater with ripped up jeans and some white converse. She put her hair in a bun, and headed for downstairs. When Korra got downstairs she ate her breakfast. Than grabbed her book and headed for the. "Wait just one minute young lady I told you that I will drive you to school ok?" Explains her mom. Korra answered back,"Ok mom just this once lets go." "YEAH!!!!!!" Her mom yelled clapping her hands. After they got inside the car Korra's mom started driving to the school. As Korra's mom pulled up in front of the school she saw a lot of students everywhere. "Bye sweetie love you have a great day." Said her mom. "Bye love you too mom." Answered Korra. While Korra's mom dropped her off, Korra looked back and thought don't leave me. Suddenly Korra ran into somebody when she looked up she notice it was a guy. Korra thought that he was the cutest guy ever. "WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING NEXT TIME!!!!" Shouted the guy. "Can't you at least say SORRY!! I didn't mean to bump into you." Korra said in sassy tone. He looked up and rolled his eyes and walked away. Korra thought that he was a football player because he started heading for a group of jocks and cheerleaders. Once Korra got inside the school she felt so nervous and scared. She looked for her locker and saw she got a top locker like in middle school. " Great a top like for the fourth time." Said Korra in her head. As Korra was opening her locker kids started coming in the school. She than noticed a group of girls walking towards her and they did not look nice. "What were you doing with my boyfriend bitch." Said the girl who Korra guessed was like the popular mean girl of the school. "First of all who do think you are calling me a bitch and second of all I wasn't doing anything he just bumped into me without saying sorry. Now will you excuse me I have to go to." Answered Korra as she walked away. When she got to her homeroom she saw the guy sitting in the back of the class. Korra thought this was a nightmare. As Korra walked inside the classroom the guy noticed her and started staring at her. She walked over to the teacher and ask where does she sit and she told her in the back next to Mako. She saw that he was pointing at the guy. She thought to herself can this day get any worse

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