She Just needed a Smile


1. she just needed a smile

There was once a girl named Isabella. She was a quiet, shy girl. Isabella was in ninth grade with her best friend Zoey. She is going through a rough time in her life right now. Isabella just started high school after a move when her grandma died. Ever since all that, Isabella hasn't given anyone a real smile. Her parents couldn't cheer her up and neither could her best friend. When Isabella and Zoey went over Isabella,s house for homework, Zoey talked to her parents and was determined to make Isabella smile and be happy again. Zoey knew her one weakness. It was her best guy friend Colin who she has a major crush on. Isabella and Zoey were lying on the ground doing homework and Zoey started talking about Colin. When Zoey mentioned him, Isabella lit up. Zoey missed that in her best friend and wanted it back permanently.

Zoey- I Know you like him.

Isabella- what no I don't!....... OK so what if I do. So?

Zoey- so, you like Colin! You have to talk about it.

Isabella- whats there to talk about. If I tell him I like him it will ruin our friendship if he doesn't like me back.

Isabella had a good point, so Zoey resorted to talking to Colin after school the next day. Colin was hanging out with two other friends of theirs, Andrew and Daniel. Zoey dated Andrew for a year and broke off when they decided it was to weird but were still friends.

Zoey- I have a problem with Isabella.

Colin- is it about how she is so depressed lately? I wanted to talk to you about that.

Andrew- of course you do.

Daniel- shut up Andrew he doesn't want anyone to know.

Zoey- know what?

Colin- nothing. What did you want to talk about with Isabella?

Zoey- I need your help.

Colin-.....with what?

Zoey's grin and posture told the boys that what they were in for was going to change alot. She had a plan to get Isabella and Colin together and get her happy again. Zoey told Colin, Andrew and Daniel to meet her after school at Isabella's house for a group sleepover at 5:00 and the rest of her plan.. Her parents already know about it and won't be home until morning. Isabella came around the corner and everyone went silent.

Isabella- …...hey guys whats up.

Andrew- nothing, nada, nothing, nope, not anything at all.

Isabella- Andrew you OK?

Zoey- he's fine. Hey I invited the guys over tonight for the sleepover already.

Isabella- awesome.

There's a long moment of silence until the bell rings. They all disperse into the school day until after school where they will meet again.

The last bell rings and Zoey and Isabella head home to meet the boys. Isabella looks nervous and playing with her elastic on her wrist which she always does when stressed or nervous. Zoey just keeps driving and listens to her music. After a twenty minute drive they finally arrive to Isabella's house and prepare snacks and clean up a little bit. The doorbell rings and three boys walk in the front door. Zoey and Isabella were upstairs and go down to meet them. Zoey Colin first and Isabella's eyes lit up and a smile was on her face. Colin looked happy as well.

Daniel- whose ready to get this party started?

Andrew- lets do it. I see food in the living room and that is where I will be.

Isabella- ha. Enjoy I have to go get my phone in my room and will be right back.

Zoey nudged at Colin to go with her but he didn't want to. Isabella ran up the stairs and into her room. Zoey pushed Colin to go with her and make her happy again so he finally did. Isabella was looking for her phone, grabbed it and headed for the door. She was met by Colin who was blocking her way.

Isabella- oh hey Colin just got my phone. Did you want something?

Colin- actually yeah can we talk?

Isabella- ….OK. Did I do something?

Colin- no, no. nothing like that. Its just.....

Colin shut the door behind him and was pacing around the room not really knowing how to say what he wants to say.

Isabella- its just what?

Colin- you haven't been your self lately.

Isabella- is it that noticeable.

Colin-little bit. I mean I just want to see you happy.

Isabella- aw. Thanks.

Colin- there. That's the smile I like. Now how can I get that to stay?

Isabella- I don't know. You have to find out yourself.

Isabella sat down on her bed and Colin was pacing trying to figure out how to make her happy. He stopped in the middle of the room and smiled toward her. Hit walked slowly toward the bed and sat down next to her.

Colin- well, I have known you since elementary school and we have been best friends since then. So I should know how to make you smile.

Isabella-.....what exactly do you have in mind?

Colin stood up and stood in front of her.

Colin- you don't still happen to be ticklish do you?

Isabella stared at him then tried to run away. Colin grabbed her and dragged her to the ground and pinned her down. Colin looked like he was having fun with this.

Colin- I take that as a yes.

Isabella- please Colin don't do this.

Colin- it wasn't exactly my idea.

Isabella- don't tell me.

Colin- it was Zoey's.

Isabella- well I think everyone is waiting for us downstairs so we should probably....

Colin just cut her off and put his hand on her stomach. He slowly started to tickle her and she went crazy. It only lasted for about five minutes until Colin had mercy on her. He stopped to let her breathe.

Isabella- me up!

Colin- on one condition.

Isabella- …..anything.

Colin- will you go to the movies with me on Saturday?

Isabella- depends on the movie.

Colin- I wanted to see Fast and furious.

Isabella- I wanted to see Beauty and the beast.

Colin- beauty and the beast it is. Did you just say yes so I would stop and let you up?

Isabella- I mean I did want you to stop but I would have said yes any other way. Now can I get up.

Colin got off of her and helped her off the ground. Colin held on to Isabella's hand and pulled her closer staring into her big green eyes and kissed her. Back down stairs the other three are watching a movie in the living room. They headed downstairs and Colin sat down on the couch and Isabella dragged Zoey into the kitchen.

Isabella- I hate you, but thank you.

Zoey- you love me and I knew he liked you.

Isabella- then why didn't you tell me?!

Zoey- well one, if you didn't know by now then you never would have figured it out and two I needed away to get you to being you again and back to your old self.

Isabella- what would I do with out you.

Zoey- well you would probably be depressed forever and never tell a guy how you feel.

Isabella- funny. Let go back.

They both walk back to the living room and Isabella sits next to Colin on the couch and snuggles close to him and weirdly Zoey cuddles with Andrew. After a bunch of confused faces and stares they finally confess.

Zoey- oh by the way Andrew and I are back together.

Colin- oh course you are.

Isabella- hey now all we need to do is find a girl for Daniel so we can triple date and not leave him stranded or the fifth wheel.

Zoey- great idea. I can set it up.

Daniel. OK fine but i'm not getting tickled for that to happen.

Isabella- how did you know about that?

Zoey- you're walls are not soundproof.

Colin- you were pretty loud. But I think we should go with Daniel's idea.

Andrew- great idea.

Daniel- lets just watch the movie.

So the ending is that Isabella is happy again andends up with Colin, Zoey ends up with Andrew and Daniel awaits what he is to face sooner or later.

The End

word count: 7,313

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