Head Trip - The Extraordinary World of Harry Edwards Styles

Harry Edwards Styles - Secret Agent, Jedi Knight, Wizard, Time Traveller.

Harry Styles, Man of Mystery. In his world everything is possible.


2. In Between (1)

"That's all?"  

"Yeah, at that point I woke up lying in my bed in my dinner jacket" I replied. 

"Ah Okay, explain?" 

"Well, that was the weird thing, I'd gone to sleep in my jimjams and then woke in my dinner jacket." 

"So you must have sleep walked? Has this happened before?" 

"Well … I've had one or two of these dreams recently … Some of them are really weird and embarrassing." I replied. 

I heard the doctors chair pull closer as I lay on the sofa. I guess he was waiting to find something interesting to put on facebook or even a new book deal out of it. I guess it was the price of fame. I lay pondering on whether to reveal more. The truth is I wanted to know what it all meant. I could always deny that the conversation took place. My real fans wouldn't believe it anyway. Although considering some of the fan fictions I'd read on line my fans thought I was some kind of weirdo who had sex with under aged girls, raped them and kidnapped them, but that was another story. 

"Go on Harry, I promise I won't let any of this out to the press" he said reading my mind. 

"I can only help you if you tell me all. So you have other dreams like these?" He continued. 

"Oh yes," I replied. 

"In your own time, tell me another one of these dreams." 

I lay back and closed my eyes, collecting my memories of that one night. Doctor Nightshade would have to wait while I got the events right in my mind. 

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away ...

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