Secrets to be Kept, Not to be Told

Ari Calli faces a big change in her life, with the help of some people…


2. The voices



I walk through the long, eery halls of Hogwarts. Walking towards Professor Umbridge's Classroom was bad enough, but having to walk with Potter was even worse. I didn't speak or look at him, while he was trying to get my attention. I tried to walk faster so I could get this walk with one of my worst enemies over and done with, I probably ran at some point. I finally see the large, wooden door that opens up too Professor Umbridge's classroom and run straight towards it. I open the door to the classroom and walk up the stairs that lead to her office. I knock on the door of her office and a few seconds later I hear the faint, high-pitched voice of a lady saying come in. I slowly open the door with potter right behind me. When the door is open just enough for me to walk through I walk into the ugly office. The walls were pink and there was pictures of cats everywhere. The definition of this room is bleh. I love cats but hate pink. I would rather black. Pink is to happy of a colour for my liking.

"I have been waiting for you two children for a while, sit down please." Potter and I sit at the desk in the chairs that have been obviously set up for us."Today you will be writing some lines for me." I don't see a quill anywhere and I'm assuming Potter doesn't either."Where is our quills?" Harry asked whilst Umbridge was looking-well more like glaring out the window."You won't be needing quills, you are going to be using a rather special one of mine today." She handed us both a pointy looking thing that had ink inside of it. A pen. A pen is a tool that muggles use to write with, If you didn't know. She hands us each a piece of parchment."Now write, I must not tell lies." Umbridge commands in a very posh but stern voice."How many times?" Potter glares up at her."As long as it takes to sink in." I don't know what she means by that but I just start writing 'I must not tell lies'. I write one line and my hand starts to sting. It hurts so much that I feel like a thousand tiny bee's are stinging me a thousand times. I write half a line extremely slowly and there is extreme pain in my hand. I put down my pen and look at my hand. On my hand there is a deep scar spelling 'I must not tell lies'. It looks like It's almost bleeding, but it's not. I look at Potter and his hand and written on it is I must not tell lies."Are you two ok?" Umbridge quickly asked after she saw me staring at my hand. She said it with and innocent but guilty smile. I knew there was some sort of spell on that pen, I could just see it. My eyes turn red with anger."Yes, we are fine thanks, I think I've done enough lines for today." I purse my lips, flip my hair, get up out of my seat and storm out.

I take a long walk back to the common room and head straight for my dorm. I decide that I should cover my scar up because I don't want anyone to know about it. I know that it would worry Draco if he saw it and he would start asking questions. I go to my makeup bag that is in my bathroom and take out my concealer, foundation and beauty blender. I start applying it all over my hand. It does sting a little but at least you can't see the scar.

I head down to sit by the fire place and see a boy sitting on the couch, Draco. I immediately run towards him jump down next to him."Heyyyyyy." I whisper right into his ear obnoxiously."Holy hell Ari, I didn't realise you were there." Draco says laughing. He never really laughs anymore, he has changed a lot over the last five years. I do miss the old Draco a lot. Anyway I don't think he is ever gonna change back so I shouldn't waste my time on the past when the future is all I have."Well that means that you weren't paying attention to me." I say with a sad face while poking him in the stomach."How was Umbridges?" He asks staring at his feet."It was annoying, she made us write lines." I suddenly feel my stomach turn and my hand starts to sting. I realise that the makeup is coming off my hand already and blood is starting to seep out of my hand."I need to go to the bathroom i'll be back." I say as I get up and run to my dorm. As I storm in I realise Pansy comforting Kaylee in the corner of the room. I glare at both of them and quickly go into the bathroom as blood is now dripping onto the floor. I go into the bathroom and wash off all the makeup and blood off of my hand. I quickly run out of the bathroom into the dorm."Ari we're sorry." Pansy starts crying to. My eyes instantly turn blue. I hate having fights with my friends but I know they aren't actually sorry. I start to get teary eyed and my emotions get the best of me."Sure, what best friends you were." I start screaming at them and balling my eyes out. My eyes are deep, dark blue now and I can't help it. I run out of my dorm and go down to the common room and suddenly see a bunch of people talking to Draco so I run out of the common room and immediately feel eyes on me.

I let my mind take me where I want to go and I end up about an hour later sitting under a tree next to the black lake. I start thinking about everything and then I start to hear the voices. Then everything went black. I am not passed out I just can't see anything and I cant move. I am still under the tree. I start hearing a creepy dark voice speaking to me. I know who it is and my eyes to slightly white. Where is Draco when you need him."Your friends will soon turn into enemies. They can take advantage of you at any time they'd like. You can't handle being taken advantage of. You can't handle people dying either, can't you. Remember. Last year. Cedric Diggory. That boy that died last year, in the goblet of fire. Yes. You have nightmares every night about him dying replaying in your head every night. You are so brave because of it, yet such a coward. You will soon figure out who you really are, and what your destined to be." The voices stop. I feel light headed and I am screaming so loud that the water in front of me is shaking."Ari, Ari it's ok." I hear Draco soft calming voice. I feel my feet lift off of the ground and everything goes black.

I wake up in the hospital with Draco snoring by my side. Madam Humphrey suddenly appears next to me."Oh your awake deary! Now you just passed out and have been passed out for a few days so I want you to drink this. It will give you more energy." She handed me a bottle with some liquid in it."What is it?" I ask in a stern tone."Just drink it!" I slowly force the liquid down my throat. It is probably the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted. I immediately start choking and wake Draco up."Your alive! I thought you were dead, or close to it!" Draco starts screaming and hugging me. I think that almost killed me."Draco, I'm ok. How many days have I missed?" I turn to Draco looking at him with my eyebrows raised."Well I think 2 days. Dumbledore told me he wanted to see you the moment you awake so um, I think we should be headed off." Draco exclaimed. I immediately get up and start heading towards Dumbledores office." Ari I'll meet you in the common room!" Draco shouts out and I start running towards his office.

I finally get to the spiral staircase that leads up to his office and I am greeted by professor Mcgonnagal. "Miss Calli, I have been wondering how long it would take you to show up, Professor Dumbledore is waiting for you in his office.” Mcgonnagal gestured me towards the spiral staircase that leads up to professor Dumbledore’s office. I slowly walk up to the staircase admiring the beautiful carvings on the stairs. I’m sure they meant something. I get to the top of the stairs and the large office opens up. I see Phoenix sitting on his perch. He is a beautiful creature really, his feathers are a beautiful red/orange colour and they feel just like cotton. “Miss Calli, I have been waiting to see you. Please, take a seat.” Dumbledore gestures towards the chair in front of his desk. I walk up to it and slowly sit down. “So Miss Calli, I am aware of what had happened the night you passed out. You are very powerful and you have a destiny to uphold. You had been sorted into Slytherin the first year because that is what your whole family had been sorted into, they expect a lot from you.” Dumbledore said slowly that I had time to interrupt him. “Excuse me sir, but my parents were in Gryffindor, So is my sister. I don’t understand what you mean by my whole family we’re in Slytherin.” I question Dumbledore as I am playing with my long, black nails. “Well Miss Calli, time will tell when you will know the full truth and what the expectations are. Now meanwhile the largest problem is the voices, in your head. Do you know who it is, what they mean?” “Well, I do know who it is. It’s Voldemort, but I don’t know what it means. It’s like he’s trying to tell me something, it all just doesn’t make sense. Professor I just need a break from everything.” I start to get nervous and anxious for some reason, and then I hear the voices again but this time I don’t pass out. I jump out of the chair I was sitting on and try to take in what they were saying. Accept I couldn’t actually make it out. “Ms Calli are you alright?” Dumbledore becomes aware of what’s happening and soon enough he walks me out of his office. “Ari Calli, tonight I obviously couldn’t explain what I wanted to, but time will tell. Now go back to your common room it’s getting late.” Dumbledore said to Ari shooing her off. On the long walk back to the common room Ari started to think about what professor Dumbledore had said about her family. What’s happening to her?

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