A Collection of Poetry

Just some poems I wrote...


2. Wasteland

A poem by: Ainsley M. Brown

When your world fell apart, I never left your side
But, it was you who broke my heart, when you left me behind
You are a sunny day, but I am the stars and moon
You are sleeping in, but I am lunch at noon
You want to spend the night, but no one else can know
You hate that I put up a fight, but you forget that you only reap what you sow.
I have finally started to realize that you are a desert and I am a storm,
Your lust is brutally burning, but my heart is gentle and warm. 
While I tap gently on a window pane, lulling you to sleep with my love
You beat down upon me, draining me of the compassion you are undeserving of,
I miss you when the winds are cold, but those winds you left me in 
I cannot continue to go on, even as you try to force light within.
I try to climb the mountains that are higher than ever before, 
But you are there to push me down, and that I could never ignore.
I realize that you never loved me, I was only a toy with which to play,
But I want you to know that I loved you and I still do today. 
It really is useless to say this now, and I hope you understand
That you are the desert and I am the rain, and together? 
We only make a wasteland.

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