A Collection of Poetry

Just some poems I wrote...


4. Breathing Fire

Breathing Fire 

A poem by: Ainsley M. Brown 


I have inhaled fire that fills my lungs,

That fire turns into water that will not leave my body

My throat is nothing but a cavern crumbling down, 

My eyes burning with salt water 

I have inhaled fire because I am hurt, 

But maybe I have no reason to be

As my stomach whirls and spins and twirls,

It’s hard to keep my eyes open

I have inhaled fire if only not to remember, 

That even when it’s a demon’s claws gripping at my neck

I still can feel something, whether or not it’s pleasant 

Maybe I feel too much. 

I have inhaled fire but not because I want to

Maybe you think I asked for this but I didn’t 

And it’s not because I want your attention

If anything, that makes it worse

I have inhaled fire and that fire burns in a red hot rage

When I am choking on nothing but air and my own tears

I hide in my bedroom, keeping away from others

But even in my bedroom, I can’t escape the walls of my own mind

I have inhaled fire and it’s hard to breathe,

But I keep thinking that one day, just maybe, 

I will be able to exhale the fire

And maybe one day, 

I will say… 

I can breathe. 

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