A Collection of Poetry

Just some poems I wrote...


1. Meteorite

Meteorite by Ainsley M. Brown 

Today in school, we learned about meteors. 
There are some days where I feel like a meteor. 
Like I couldn’t be farther from earth, from home. 
And it’s on those days that I wait. I wait to become a meteorite, crashing back to a harsh reality where I hear the words begin once again. 
She tells me I am a slut, 
Yet I am a virgin
She tells me I am a bitch,
Yet I’m only trying to stick up for myself.
He tells me he loves me, 
Yet I missed the lie laced in his voice and throat
He calls me a prude, 
Yet he only wants to use me. 
I hear cries of attention whore come from their mouths,
Yet I was only trying to forget my pain. 
Sometimes their voices are louder than my own thoughts.
Those times are worse than most because those are the times when their thoughts become my own and even I begin to agree. 
Slut. Bitch. Prude. Whore. 
These words become me. 
I seem to forget that the more I fight the more useless it seems because I am a meteor. 
And my time is limited.
Until I burn out.

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