never gonna be the same

sarah never had a normal life she always got intimidated it was so bad she never went to school after getting a rare eye inffetion she may never see again and falls into a deep depresion but can this one dog that never went throug training help her with her problems and give her cofidence


1. bullied

being a tomboy is hard ive played football for ever i love it but i get bulied alot it hurts me knowing i got no friends no one to trust only jake my older brother he's the best i can tell anything to him 

my alarm clock ring i smashed the off botton and went downstairs for breakfest ''hey jake '' i said hugging him ''hey sis '' jake was my cuddle buddy ''what we eating '' i said pulling away from the hug ''eggs and bacon a good morning snack before football '' i widen my eyes ''i forgot about football i need to pack my bag '' i ran upstairs took my football bag and put everything in i put it down next to the stairs when i went down ''thx jake ever since mom and dad died you've been the best at making me happy oh and btw how much subs do you have'' i said eating ''close to 50.00000 subs'' he said exited ''yay my brother is an acter and a sucessful vlogger '' i finished and got dress ''bye jake '' i said picking up my bag ''bye'' i left alone like always i got there and put my stuff on ''hey loser'' i singhed fuck brad he's the worst my only friend here is travis he's a  bind football player ''whats up sarah '' i turned around to see travis ''hey trav ready to practice'' i said walking to the stad ''hell yea'' we played against eachother in the practices he's the only one who i can trust not to hurt me on purpose 

---3 hours later----

i took my stuff off and waited for travis to come out he had his walking stick like always we walked to school  we were know like the school nerds me and travis are only in one of the same classes ''hey ugly what are you and trav doing here eh '' brad said '' go away brad `` travis said trying to protect me ``or what`` he said trying to defeat  travis ``ha good try bradlee or is it brudlee `` travis said laughing brad left mad we went to class we finished school and i was crying how much i got bullied at home i looked in the mirrow and say my eyes were read and puffy not from crying cuz my eyes are never like this ''jake we need to go at the hospital i can't see ''

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