never gonna be the same

sarah never had a normal life she always got intimidated it was so bad she never went to school after getting a rare eye inffetion she may never see again and falls into a deep depresion but can this one dog that never went throug training help her with her problems and give her cofidence


2. blind

jake rushed me to the hospital were they need to take me into surgery the last thing i heard was jake crying how scared he was i was able to say ''i love you jake'' then i left in for surgery

---1 hour later----

i woke up but i paniqued ''jake help'' i yelled ''sarah it's ok i could hear he was crying''why can't i see jake,help'' i yelled ''sarah.....your.....'' he cryd '' your blind'' my mouth dropped ''can i see travis tho i wanna see my buddy !!....jake can i please'' i heard the door open ''sarah you ok'' i heard travis say ''she's blind she got the same thing as you trav '' jerry said ''how could this happen...... first i lose my parents two i get bullied 24/7 and now im blind `` i could feel travis and jerry sat next to me ``everything`s gonna be alerigth were here for you how about a little hospital adventure'' jerry said ''im in'' i smiled he helped me into my wheel chair he and travis brang me around the hospital ''on your rigth sexy smile cute blondy '' i heard him laugh he did that to travis too ''jerry stop joking around '' i said laughing after i knew it we all had glasses on we wen't back to my room still laughing the heack out '' thx boys '' i said getting into my bed ''no ploblem anything for our bro'' jake came in '' she gotta stay here for another week ''but tomorrow we got a football game i gotta be there '' i said ''no you can't go but ill get a radio so you can listen to the game '' i smiled ''go have fun boys'' 

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