Mogs University

Etsuko wasn't the perfect student in high school. She got in fights, mostly about her powers, and her grades tended to slip at the beginning of each semester. She applied to many colleges, but she only got accepted to one, a more private university she doesn't really remember applying to.

Carly is shy. She intends to change that her sophomore year with the upcoming freshmen, but she spent an entire year not speaking to anyone and feeling like they didn't even realize she was there. Maybe the only ones who could see ghosts were the teachers.

Kyle was just about fed up with school. Eighteen years of his life felt wasted, especially because this had been the seventh time he's changed his major. He wanted to just leave and focus all his energy on archery, which was the only skill he had. However, the university chancellor refuses to let him leave until he graduates. Now he just needs a plan to sneak away.


2. Friends

Carly's POV

I watched silently from the couch as the freshmen came in and headed to their rooms. This was a new year, I was ready to come out of my shell and actually talk to another student. The freshmen were perfect, they were fresh people, some of which might be able to relate to me.

   "They look just how we did our freshmen orientation."

   I turned to Isebella, for some reason thinking she was talking to me, only to find out she was talking to Quanna. The two were in my class, but I doubted that they knew I existed. Isebella was a black hair, pale skinned vampire with bright red eyes. Today she was wearing a white tank top, white leggings, a black knee length skirt, and just socks since she didn't like wearing shoes indoors.

   Quanna was a vampire as well, but she was probably the exact opposite. She had brown hair and a matching color eyes with dark skin. Her face was decorated with blue tattoos, which had something to do with her class in vampire society, and she was wearing a purple shirt, yellow camo pants, and dark grey shoes.

   "Chan has quite the way of making an impression on someone," Quanna agreed. "Though it's hard to tell if that can be a good thing or a bad thing at times."

   I almost joined their conversation. I really wanted to, but I just kept my mouth shut and floated into the kitchen. Dinner would be soon, but there were a couple freshmen rummaging through the fridge. One of them was a girl with a native skin tone, long black hair, and blazing blue eyes. She wore a long brown shirt and not much else, and handing down behind it was a brown wolf tail. 

   The other girl had bright orange hair, soft blue eyes, and pale skin. She was wearing a yellow t-shirt, denim jeans, and white tennis shoes. She took a step back. "Everything is labeled. I'm going to go ahead and guess we have to buy our own snacks."

   "Oh please," the black haired girl said. "Like anyone is going to know who took their stuff."

   "They could sniff us out."

   "Not if we wash our scents away." She pulled out a Wendy's bag and peered inside.

   The orange haired girl read the name on the side aloud. "Atona."

   "I wouldn't!"

   The two jumped and turned to me.

   My face felt warm, which was odd for someone with no blood circulation. "Atona will not let you get away with eating her food."

   "You're a ghost," the orange haired girl noted.

   "That's cool," the other said. "You think I'm scared? She won't catch me."

   "She will." I pointed to the security camera in the corner. "This room and the living room are monitored for safety reasons. Atona has hacked into the system before, she'll do it again."

   The dark haired girl huffed and pulled out a box of ghost pepper fries. "Who even puts stuff like this in the fridge and saves it for later? Five dollars says she'll just through it out tomorrow anyway." She set the beg on the counter and popped the lid off. "I'm going to eat this and you can just keep your mouth shut."


   "No. I'm eating these." She picked up a fry and stuck it in her mouth, looking to her friend and then me.

   My body vanished. I didn't want to get mixed up in this. I tried to stop her, that was shown on camera; the best option for me was to just leave.

   Yet despite me not being visible, the bright haired girl grabbed me hand and walked out of the kitchen. "Sorry, Kaila," she said. "You can get in trouble on your own."

   "Scaredy cat!" Kaila growled.

   I pulled my hand away from the other girl. "Wise choice."

   "Thanks for warning us," she said. "I'm Lilly."

   "My name is Carlee," I told her. I became visible again, not even sure where a conversation would normally go. "So..."

   "Actually, since you've been here a while, can you show me to where my room is suppose to be?" Lilly's face was turning pink and she nervously rubbed her hands together. "I know, it's stupid, but..."

   I smiled. "Of course, Lilly."

   And I made my first friend.

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