1. Not even or regular in pattern or movement; unpredictable.

"This...." I started, trying to find the right word. " All of this is Erratic."


2. O N E



I sighed in content from the warmth of the bath water. The light peony scent in the air fell on me as I inhaled, smiling. Lifting my hands out of the water to look at my fingertips crinkled by moisture, I finally decided to get out of the water tinted a light blush. My hazel eyes drifted to the deep aqua towel I had set out for myself an hour earlier.Oh, how the softness of the material made me want to fall asleep, even though it was only around 6 pm. 

"Perfect,"  I thought "All clean for the presentation tomorrow." 

Silently, I slipped into my loose tank top and shorts, brushed my hair and teeth, before rubbing my sore eyes. I strolled down the hallway of my two bedroom apartment, the lilac walls seemingly increasing my tired state. Suddenly, I decided I needed another towel for my hair, I turned and opened the closet just beside me.

Tap, Tap, Tap.

I froze at the faint noise, my breathing staggered. 


Following my first reaction, I ran into the small closet and swiftly shut the door as quietly as I could muster. 



Hushed whispers.



Cleared? As in they looked through my entire apartment in less than five minutes? 

"Wait!"  This voice had more of a femininity to it. "There's steam in the bathroom."

"There must be someone here, boys."  A third voice said.

My eyes widened, not only had they realized I was home, but there was more than two of them.


The door was creaking open.


I wasn't going to die, this is not how I go.

 As soon as the door was open enough for me to escape, I did.

"Boys!" The feminine voice from earlier said, "I found her!"

Tears began to cloud over my vision, but I was determined to live, I was determined to get out.

I sprinted as fast as I could to the kitchen, as it held almost all my knives. Almost. Tan arms suddenly stopped me, by wrapping around my waist.

"Where are you going there, Dear?" He breathed.

I was swung around to see 3 boys, all of which wearing menacing smirks.

"Nice catch."

"Hmph," The one holding me mumbled smugly. "Wasn't that hard." Suddenly, I was forcefully thrown to the ground, laminate flooring squealing aginst my skin.

I tried to think of a way to escape this situation, once again, but my thoughts were cut short by a softer voice.

"What the hell?"

They all looked over to the one who had just spoken.

"You're finally here." He said rolling his eyes.

"We have bigger problems as of right now," The one with a feminine voice said, looking down to me. "Like this one here."

All eyes averted over to my small, quivering body. I heard a snicker before someone said,

"What shall we do with this one?" I could practically hear the venom in his words. "How should we kill her?" 

"Simple," Someone else started, "We take her with us."

Silence fell upon the six of us. 

"What the fuck." Shock evident all around, even though I never raised my gaze to look at them.

"And," The one with long hair looked up, "We use her as bait against The Four."



Hello, My Sweets!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this book, it means the world to me!

I've been meaning to actually post this, but I never felt it would get far so I put it off.

Here's to hoping at least one person likes this book!



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