story of my life

my life was the worst before i met my lover zayn malik


9. .....

i woke up feeling better after what happened yesterday i understand why we needed to do that he was in pain i could'nt live with myself if i never did it i got up and looked at the pictures i had in my closet that i never hung up i took some rope and a glue gun i put all my family pictures on one side of the room i looked at the one whith my hole family i rememberd when my dad was the best ever i looked away and put up the pictures of me and dylan ''dylan remember whe i first got you we were meant to be together '' i told him petting him i hung up the ones with sparrow i decided too take them off the rope i took my paint and started painting the wall i whrote ' remember me forever ' on the wall in black i painted a horse and made sparrow i whrote on top of him ' R.I.P  ill always love you' i hung all the pictures up and made a heart with them i put the other ones up on a rope i sat down and played the drums ''i love what you did with your room'' zayn said walking in i put the sticks down ''i was feeling kinda free i din't felt caged in by the death of sparrow anymore '' i said looking at the wall with sparrow on ''im gonna go get something with the boys it's a surprise so don't make any mess '' he said kissing me ''i won't zayny '' him and the boys left i played the drums


(zayn's pov )

i left with the boys to go get something for sarah i was exited the boys too we arrived  at a horse seller ''hello how can i help you '' he said kindly ''im here to get a horse do you have any wild ones '' i said looking at the bays and turning around ''yes we caugth a wild mare she's the daugther of the wildest stallion ever '' he said showing me the to her '' here she is '' he said pointing at a buetiful very ligth brownish orange color with white marks on her she had a maine with black and white striped she was still a foal ''ill take her '' i said he handed me the rope i took her and brang her to sarah's aunts place we drove back home ''sarah come in the car were going somewhere '' she ran into the car with dylan following her i drove to cristines place we got out ''come '' i said taking her by the wrist i brang her to a stalll ''it's empty '' a little foal jumped up ''she's so cute '' she said going into the stall ''she's yours'' i said she looked suprised ''mine ...... i love her '' she said hugging the foal ''does she have a name '' ''nope'' she looked back at the foal ''your name is geist it's spirit in greek '' the foal jumped around loving the name

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