story of my life

my life was the worst before i met my lover zayn malik


8. worst day ever

i woke up feeling nothing i went downstairs and eat my breakfeast i gave dylan his food and water then i went upstairs i played the drums with some one direction on i got a phone call from my aunt ''hey aunt cristine whats up '' i said putting my sticks down and turning off the music ''bad news its sparrow  he escaped and i can't find him'' she said panniquing  i was crying ''me and the boys will be there soon '' i ran downstairs ''boys get dressed its urgent '' they got dressed i was the first i was in the car ''drive to my aunts place '' we got there as soon as possible ''gimme some grain ill go look  for him ''i said she gave me a bucket of grain i ran into the fields '''SPARROW COME HERE BUD '' i yelled crying i serched for over an hour i came back still all the grain in the bucket ''i hope sparrow's ok '' i said crying into zayn's chest my aunt came up ''i looked at the cameras and  chances old owner stole sparrow '' i went inside  and got on chance a very fast serch horse i walked outsid bareback on him ''i think i know were sparrow is '' i said grabing chances main '' im going '' i said ''not without me '' zayn said getting racer the horse zayn bonded too he got on bare back and took his main'' let's go '' i said me and zayn galloped off ''be careful'' by aunt yelled at us ''come on chance go where we found you '' zayn followed me to the place ''wow chance '' i got off so did zayn ''stay here boys '' i said to chance and racer i heard a neigh ''sparrow ... he's in the barn '' i ran up to the barn and tryed to get the wood off the door i got the wood off the door and ran inside ''sparrow calm down boy it's ok im here '' i tryed to calm sparrow down he neighed looking in back of me and zayn ''oh sarah i never faugth i would see my cupcake here'' he said walking over to me '' im not yours anymore brad '' i said getting ready to jump into the stall '' did you forget who got you that i love one direction shirt '' he said walking over to me i jumped in the stall parrow was in i closed my eyes scared and i went into the corner i felt worm i opend my eyes and sparrow was infront of me i closed my eyes and burried my face into his neck i heard a bang on the floor i got up and went to the door to see zayn and the other boys punching brad i took sparrow by his halter he got scared and lifted his head ''its ok boy brad can't hurt you anymore '' i said in a calming voice he put his head down brad was running away getting chased by the other horses spirit was the first to get him i took his outside and looked at him i saw loads of wounds on him his legs were all bloody i knew he could'nt stay alive he was suffering ''we should go '' i said getting on chance we walked back i put a rope on sparrow go he could follow we got there my aunt rushed to sparrow '' we can't keep him alive he's suffering too much '' she said taking a needle '' ill always love you sparrow i had you forever bud '' i hugged him as my aunt gave him the stuff i cryed as he slowly  died  he kinda paniqued abit i sat next to him ''it's ok boy your old and suffering i love you and i know you love me and you know i loved you since the first time '' i said sitting next to his head and petting him ''goodbye bud '' i said as he closed his eyes i felt his spirit leave him  we went home i cried the hole way 

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