story of my life

my life was the worst before i met my lover zayn malik


5. party

it makes 4 weeks that me and zayn are together we still din't tell the boys ''zayn i think we should tell them about this '' i said ''yeah i think there starting to figure this out'' we walked were all the boys were ''boys'' zayn said ''we know about it and where not mad '' they all said at the same time ''great'' zayn said walking away but louis took him by the shirt and  turned him around ''zayn something is wrong'' louis said ''what's wrong lou'' ''there's no more carrots can you guys go get some cuz tonigth were gonna have a party'' louis said trying not to be loud ''why'' ''cuz it's daddy payne's birthday '' he said walking away ''come on zayn'' i said pulling him to the front door  we put are stuff on and jumped in the car we drived to a party store ''you get the ballons and party hats ill get the rest '' zayn said as we both ran off into the iles i got 6 party hats and 2 packs of 15 ballons zayn got the happy b-day sings permanent markers to whrite on the ballons and a piniata we payed then went to a food store ''it's almost super time ill text the boys telling them to take liam out for super '' zayn texted them and then we went in to get the food zayn got the drinks and loads of candy for the piniata i got everything to make a cake we payed then went home ''put all the decorations up zayn ill make the cake'' i said taking out the cake stuff ''i love it when your bossy '' zayn said while hangning up  some streamers i finished baking the cake i decorated it and whrited in frosting on it *happy b-day papa payne *

i cleaned everything up and got dylan to hide with me and zayn , zayn told the boys they could come back


liam opend the door and we both jumped out ''HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA PAYNE'' we all yelled louis was the loudest

''what you guys waiting for let's get the party started'' louis yelled with kevin on his shoulder after 3 hours of partying we all fell asleep in the living room i was with zayn on the cough liam on the chair harry and louis on the other couch and niall on the rug he was too lazy to go on the other chair

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