story of my life

my life was the worst before i met my lover zayn malik


2. my new home

(zayn's pov )

me and the boys waked down the street were i lived on,we stumbled accross a girl and her dog they were wrapped up in a blanket i walked over to them ''hey what are you doing out here ,your parents must be worried sick'' i said kneling down ''i ran away from my abusive dad'' she replied holding back her tears ''what's your name and your dog's name '' i asked petting the dog ''im sarah and he's dylan my dad was abusing him too  we have nowhere to stay now and i don't wanna go back'' she said i stopped petting dylan and took the bags ``you can live with me both you and dylan`` she smiled and i helped her up he took the blanket ``he does`nt have a leash `` i said looking at dyalan he only had a halter ``my dad says he does`nt want dylan to be safe so he can`t have a leash but he`s my best friend he allways follows next to me `` she said looking at dylan almost crying ``well we can get one but first ill bring you home'' i told the boys to go back home and then i brang sarah to my house


(sarah's pov )

i walked inside after zayn and dylan came next to me ''mom can her and her dog stay with us she has nowhere to stay'' zayn said putting my bags on the floor ''of course '' she said coming to me '' we got a spare room you can have that one '' she showed me to the room and zayn put my stuff down ''we'll let you put your stuff away and let you have time alone with dylan sarah'' zayn said smiling i nodded yes and they left i closed the door ``ill do my stuff and you do your stuff dylan`` i said unzipping his bag and putting it on the floor i unzipped mine me and dylan walked in the walk in closet i gave a bench to dylan and he put his stuff in on one side and mine on the other he set all his stuff up i put food in his bowl ``a fresh start boy your finay gonna be happy were finaly gonna be happy`` i got up and took his water bowl i went to the kitchen and filled it up dylan must of heard the water cuz he came jumping on me ``dylan down ill give it to you in a minute bud`` i said laughing he let me pass and i put down his water bowl on the floor of my new room he drank almost half

it was time to go to bed i went under my covers and dylan jumped on me with his blanket he put it on him then zayn came in ``good nigth sarah `` he kissed my forehead ``and you to dylan`` he kissed dylan then left i went to sleep clutching dylan`s soft australian sheperd fur 

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