story of my life

my life was the worst before i met my lover zayn malik


7. finding passions

i woke up aleready knowing this was gonna be a boring day i went downstairs to see the boys are bored to death i gave dylan his food and new warer ''im bored'' i said ''me to '' louis said usaly he was never bored ''she's so mean but i gotta love it and i just can't let her go la la la'' i started singning in a low voice ''i wanna do the stuff on my to do list today since this is gonna be a boring day if we do nothing '' i said turning my phone on and putting on my list '' 1 meet one direction donne'' i said cheaking it ''2 go horse back riding '' i said looking up ''let's go!!!'' louis said running out of the door ''lou were in our pj's we should maybe change'' i said taking lou by his onesie hoodie ''good idea'' i lett him go and we all ran to our rooms i met the boys  and we left 

we got at the old place i was always at at my aunt's place '' auntie cristine'' i said running to her and hugging her ''sarah your dad came here saying if you where here before yesterday he said you ran away '' i pulled out of the hug ''well after the fire he got abusive so i ran away with dylan....oh and btw these are my besties and my boyfriend this is louis ,this is harry,niall and liam'' they introduced thereselfs ''and this is zayn my boyfriend '' i said showing her zayn she greeted the boys ''sparrow!!!'' i said running over to a big black horse with white in his main and tail i hugged him ''i missed you so much sparrow '' i said kissing him ''ever since you left he's been moaning he missed you alot he thaugth you abandonned him'' cristine said walking over ''ill never abandone my first best friend '' i said taking him out of his pasture ''can we ride now '' louis said walking over with the boys ''of course lou ill show you the horses '' i showed louis a horse he fell in love with him ''that's spirit it's said no one can ride him '' i said petting spirit ''ill try riding him '' i showed the rest of the horses to the boys and they all  fell in love with one of them each niall got a palamino that eats alot like him we brushed them and i showed them all how to saddle them up we put the bridles on and went outside

when we finished we put the horses away and got in the car i said my goodbyes to aunt cristine and sparrow ''whats next'' they said ''play the drums '' at thats the last one too cuz the rest i aleready did 


we arrived and i was prety good at the drums ''play the beat of a song you know'' i started playing the beat of save you toning they boys sang to it i finished ''i love playing the drums boys can you guys bye me one'' i said putting the sticks down '' ill bye the best one sir '' zayn said we loaded it in the car '' thanks zayn so much '' i said giving him a kiss  ''no problem princess '' he said pulling away we got in the car and went home

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