story of my life

my life was the worst before i met my lover zayn malik


1. escaping

''SARAH GET DOWN HERE NOW'' my father yelled from down the stairs.i tried to man up then walked downstairs ''you where were after school '' he yelled at me '' i was at shool'' i said trying not to cry ''why'' ''i got detention'' he walked up to me and slapped me ''i told you if you got detention you will suffer '' he said and let me go 

i ran to my room on the first floor with my dog dylan i closed the door ''were getting out of here dylan`` i said making my bag i took my money ,all the pictures i had of dylan and those i took with my fav youtubers like jake paul dantdm... i put them all in my bag and packed up about 4-5 outfits i put dylan`s toys in his own little dog bag i put a blanket in his dog bowls his treats food and his litte outfits i hooked it on mine then i put on dylan`s little sweater i put my shoes on and my sweater ``SARAH IN MY ROOM NOW MISS `` my dad yelled i opend my windown ``dylan out `` he jumped out so did i after him ``bye asshole`` i yelled ``run dylan`` we ran and ran until we where very far away 


(dylan`s pov )

i din't understand anything of what sarah was doing she packed everything for a momment i thaugh she would leave without me ''dylan out'' she said after she packed my stuff i obay and jumped out she jumped out after me and we started running for are lives ''what are we gonna do now'' i barked at her when she stopped ''i don't know dylan but he won't  able to hurt us now '' we walked and sat under a tree it was very cold outside i opend my bag and took the blanket out i layed on her lap she put the blankets over us and we just watched the wind blow funy objects away and peapole chasing after it 

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