story of my life

my life was the worst before i met my lover zayn malik


4. do i love him

i woke up in my bed i took a shower and got dressed ``dylan come here `` dylan came in the bathroom i took off his harness  and washed him i got very comftly in this house since it makes a month i live here i got dylan out and blow dried his fur i brushed him and he chose an outfit for today i put his harness on top of it and walked out of are room

``what`s for breakfest vain`` i smelled food ``eggs and bacon`` he said watching  the two pans ''ill cook the eggs you do the bacon '' when if was done we sat at the table and eat ''i hope my dad does'nt find me'' i said giving dylan a piece of bacon ''if he does i won't let him take you away from me'' he said i could feel my cheeks burning did i like him dylan jumped on the table and took our plates away ``dylan`` we both said at the same time we both got up and went on the couch we put the X-facter on and watched it me and zayn`s hand slowy tuches and after i knew it we were holding hands i could feel my cheeks burn i think i do love him


(zayn's pov )

as i slowly held sarah's hand i knew i loved her ever since i saw her i wanted her to be mine i turned over to her nad she turned over too we leaned in and kissed i pulled out she was smiling i felt a smile grow on my face i heard the boys bardge in we amedietly turned back to watching the tv 

(louis pov )

i bardged in running from the boys yeling ''THERE GONNA GET ME'' i ran intil i got to my room in zayn's place i locked the door but the boys came in from the window holding a worm i ran out into the living room with kevin ''guys protect kevin for me ok and yes kevin zayn is a wonderful guy'' i ran to the kitchen and took a spoon liam came in ''im armed'' liam saw the spoon and ran away screaming ''never mess with a tomlinson''  we all laughed

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