story of my life

my life was the worst before i met my lover zayn malik


6. crap

i woke up hearing knocking on the door i opend abit the blinds and saw my dad i cosed surper fast and took dylan to my room i hid in the closet i was crying 


(dylan's pov)

 i woke up hearing knoking on the door so did sarah she turned around after looking i could tell it was bad she took me by my harness and brang me into the closet she cried and cried ''it's ok sarah don't cry the boys will protect us " i wimperd trying to make her feel better ''dylan he's gonna kill the boys or anyone who tries to stop him from taking me even you '' she said crying harder i got up and ran away i got too angry i barked at the door even if it was him ''dylan whats wrong bud where's sarah'' zayn groaned i pulled him to the closet angry sarah told him everything ''boys get up now someone is here to hurt  are sarah''he yelled at the boys ''dylan don't go please i don't want him hurting you '' i ingnored her and wen't at the door zayn opend it and i jumped straight at him i was so angry for what he did to sarah 

(sarah's pov)

i got up and went over to the boys ''dylan off '' he din't get off ''dylan get off '' this time he got off i passed the boys ''missy your coming home now'' he yelled at me ''nope ,who said you could talk '' i said trying not to cry ''don't talk'' he said still yelling  ''oh you think im gonna give up this easy .....david`` this time i was not afraid ``whoa she`s not afraid of him anymore it seems``  zayn said ``she`s not afraid of all the atention she`s not afraid of running wild how come she`s so afraid of falling in love she`s not afraid of scary movies she`s not afraid of her father she just want to kick his butt `` zayn sang ``i love that lyric change zayn``i said david looked at me ``what the hell what that `` he said ready to slap me ``the truth`` i said he tried to walk in but i shut the door in his face he was knoked out ''may we call the cops boys '' i said watching him ''ill call them '' they all ran to the phone ''your not getting away from this sarah'' he managed to say'' il make you suffer the pain you made me suffer '' i punched him everytime he'd talk the cops finaly came and arrested him ''that was amazing '' zayn said kissing me ''it was'nt amazing it was amazayn'' we laughed and went to bed 

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