story of my life

my life was the worst before i met my lover zayn malik


3. a day with boys

i woke up letting go of dylan's fur i got out of bed and gave dylan his food and his water i walked into the living room to find zayn half asleep ''seems like zayn's dead i can change the chanel now '' i said laughing zayn jumped up ''don't change my chanel'' he said i was laughing even harder i sat on the chair ''were did your mom go '' i asked zayn ''she went on a vacation for a year '' he said still half asleep i got up took a glass and filled it with cold water i sneaked up behind zayn and emptyd it on his head ''your gonna regret it'' he said getting up i ran away he ran after me he picked me up and put me on my bed ''you know the boys are gonna be here soon and there's gonna be penty more heads to spill water on what if we both pull a prank on them'' he said ''im so in''  me and zayn got loads of water bucked and went to the second floor


after a while the boys came in and we threw water on them as they walked in .i knew me and zayn where gonna have something toogether  . the boys got dried up then we just sat down in the living room watching toy story ``im hungry`` niall complained ``me to what should we make `` i said looking at the boys one by one ``well harry`s a mad sandwich maker '' me and niall looked at each other then harry ''harry can you make some sandwich's plzz'' me and niall begged ''ok'' harry said getting up i love his rusty voice i got up from the chair and took some flower i walked behind harry and threw it in his hair  i moved away abit harry turned around with the bag of flowr is his hands i ran over to the boys and hid harry came over and threw the flower on all of us dylan got up and ran after harry the day pasted fast after i knew it i was out 

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