Golden Escape

*Sequel to Gold-Handed*
After Goldilocks is arrested for her crimes against the Bear family, she plans her escape.
©2017. Cover by Emberlin.


1. Golden Escape

“Stand before the judge.” 

The handcuffed blonde girl rolled her eyes as she stood up. She was standing face-to-face with a stern-looking man who wore a golden crown on his head that stood on top of his shaggy black hair. Beside him was a persecutor with the same satin brown skin as him, looking even more stern than the king himself. Not too far away from the king stood the Bear family themselves: Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear.

She lazily turning to her side. As she had seen before, two royal guards were on either side of her, each holding a sword in his hostler. It was extra security measures, unless she somehow managed to escape.

The young woman laughed. Didn’t they know who she was? Her name had been plastered everywhere: Goldilocks, the infamous criminal who had committed over twenty crimes and gotten away with it. The woman who could  swiftly bypass a duke’s chamber and easily steal his credits, if she wished. The criminal who had never once been caught.

Until now, of course.

To be fair, Goldilocks knew she had been taking a great risk when she had decided to rob from the wealthy Bear family. They were so rich that their household was probably built on gold itself. And then they had gone on vacation for a month, with all that gold laying there, waiting to be held in Goldilocks’ hands. It had been so tempting…

But, alas, she had been caught. The Bear’s youngest and only son, Baby, had discovered her. It was a fault on Goldilocks’ part. She had been so fatigued that day, the Bears’ robbery being her fourth one of the day, that she had fallen asleep on Baby’s bed. And before she could escape, he had caught her.

In spite of the circumstances, though, Goldilocks wasn’t exactly furious. Sure, she had caused a major setback in her plans, but at least she could get out of here whenever the timing was right. It was pretty humous how no one knew what she was truly capable of.

Goldilocks suddenly snapped back to attention as she realized that the judge was recalling her crimes. “…stealing gold from Rumpelstiltskin, the golden goose from the Giants…”

“Excuse me!” Goldilocks snapped, suddenly speaking, “that was a partnering job with Jack. I just gave him the directions to the Giant’s home—”

“We know very well of Jack’s crimes, Ms. Goldilocks,” the persecutor interrupted rudely. “However, we are not talking about his offenses. We’re talking about yours.

“Why bother?” Goldilocks stifled a yawn. “We all know of what I did already. So we shan’t waste anytime and get this ordeal dealt with already.”

“Be done with it?” Papa Bear barked. “Why, you ungrateful little beast—”

“Enough!” the persecutor exclaimed; Goldilocks had already gathered that he loathed being interrupted, but had no problem doing the interrupting. “Goldilocks will be dismissed whenever we are finished listing her crimes, and then only!” 

The king suddenly raised a hand to stop him. “Let her speak,” he declared. “Any pity she displays will not grant her mercy for her crimes.”

Goldilocks just laughed at this. “And you call yourself a fair ruler,” she said cheekily. “It isn’t as if I’ve hurt anyone, my lord. I wouldn’t even harm a pest—”

“It doesn’t matter!” The king’s voice was raised now, and his eyes were burning with anger. “You have harmed the Bear household, with your disgraceful larceny! And the way you speak to the king has offended the royal household and is a blasphemy towards the people of Evergreen—”

And he goes on and on and on…Goldilocks wished that they’d all just shut their mouths and hurry up. The longer they waited, the longer they delayed her escape plan. And she so did wish to escape…

Finally, when the king was done with his rants and outburst, the piqued-looking persecutor said, very loudly, “If we are done jesting the accused, I will go on with her crimes.” He took a moment to clear his throat before speaking again. “Finally, Goldilocks has stolen 3 pounds of porridge from the Bear household. By law, any form of theft is punishable by death.”

Goldilocks flinched at these words, but quickly forced herself to calm down. She would get out of here; death was not an option. She was so young, had her life ahead of her…and besides, she had seen a particularly nice, expensive pendant hanging from Briar Rose’s neck that she’d like to get her hands on…

“Goldilocks is guilty of her crimes!” the persecutor suddenly shouted, snapping the blonde criminal back to her senses. “She will be be hung to death!”

A collective shout of agreement followed this statement. Goldilocks rolled her eyes as she felt the two guards beside her tie her hands behind her back and move her towards the persecution. Now’s the time, she thought to herself.

“Any last words?” the king spat at her, actually sounding smug.

“Yes.” Goldilocks smirked. “This was exhausting.”

And suddenly, Goldilocks kicked both guards in the shins, painfully, bringing them to her knees. She could see the king and other guards’ visibly shocked, but, before they even moved, Goldilocks pulled out a small bag of dust from her pocket and thrusted it towards the ground. 

A smatter of fog erupted towards the sky, causing the guards to cough. As soon as the dust disappeared, Goldilocks was far from gone.

Behind her, Goldilocks could hear the persecutor’s furious cry and the king’s voice boom, “Find that thief! I want her dead!”

As all the guards scattered around to find her, Goldilocks smiled to herself. She may have not gotten away with the porridge, but she had gotten away, nonetheless. That was definitely worth something.

Besides, there was always next time. And there was always another place to be robbed.

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