A short for the Harry Styles computation. Comment, please, I need to know what to improve on.


1. Out

The dark pressed in like a soft blanket.  I wanted to take it and curle up.  I grabed it let it smoter me.  Dark was warm. 

"Please, I need you," begged James voice.

I scotted back.  Old musty straw crinkled with me.

"Lobo," he whispered.

I tingle like the wind passed thorugh me.  Wind dissruptes.  I had tried to shut all wind out.  It had made the room musty. 

"I, need, you," he bagged.

I was thinking of him, laughing.  A word shot towards me like a punch.  His reaction had been laughter.  Joy, at the punch.

"Is it not agents what your parents want for you gay boy," I answered hardly after a while.  A hard answer was anger.  Anger was for survival.

"You said it not me," James whispered.

That was the way of saying true, in blankets I had been when I learned this.  Blankets, dark, calm...safe.

"I came here to get you not leave you," begged James.

That took heart.  I am not a fool in that.

I stood locking my legs so they would not buckle.  James had heart.  I needed to trust him for that. 

He must not have heard me stand.  He left and closed the door.  No.  No I hated being alone.  People.  They mill around, fill space, what you can never fill, ever. 

I made my way across the room.  Each step should have brought on another wave of fear, it did but also want.  The bitter sweet want kept me walking.  Want is like a punch.  Harsh stinging and keeps stinging.

I reached the door and pulled it open.  I was open and vulnerable.  Anything could come at me and I would be down.  Listless. 

"Lobo," whispered a soft voice.

I staggered another step.  No it was gonna get me.  Drop, be small whispered a voice in me.  I did as told. 

Suddenly arms were around me.  I was enclosed and safe.  This touch could not hurt me like the others.  This had no knifes, no hate.  Hate is black bitter, and taste like death.  I pressed harder into the body.  I was safe, like the shed.  But I could go wherever.

"Your safe, and I swear I will never let fear hunt," promised James's voice.


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