Queen of Ruin

This story is just a work in progress and I'm going to see how it goes. Thanks for reading <3


6. 6

Chapter 6


My mother had me join her for breakfast that morning and didn't mention what had happened to me for the last few days. It was just us, and I was surprised the queen didn't join us considering how close they were becoming.

"So, what was the prince doing carrying you to your rooms?" She asked. 

"In case you didn't notice, but I could've bled out in the hall if you didn't tell everyone to stay away from me." I said, not even bothering to be kind.

"I had no idea." She lied. 

I clenched my jaw and went back to eating my breakfast. I already ate my seconds before she finished her first serving and was now starting my third serving. "I see you and the queen are getting close?" I said. My mother stopped and looked at me.

"Yes, we are. They are our friends, Mithra, and there is no reason we shouldn't be kind to our guests." She said, almost accusing of me something.

"I have been kind to our guests, mother, I'm sorry if you are just now noticing what I'm really like." I snapped. 

My mother shot to her feet and swiped at my face. I gasped and held my cheek. There was blood trickling down from where she cut my cheek. "You watch how you speak to me girl or I'll cut out your tongue." She warned. "Yes, mother." I whispered. "You know how to address me, don't be late tonight." She said to me before she stormed out of the room wiping my blood from her golden claws that she wore that day.

I stayed a little longer before leaving as well and headed somewhere, I didn't know where I just needed to leave the castle. 

My simple white gown somehow didn't get a drop of blood on it and I held a napkin on my cheek as I limped and made my way towards the nearest exit.

I burst through the doors to the south garden and walked until I was far from the castle. My leg burned when I finally stopped and I was so furious that I hardly noticed someone was approaching me until they spoke.

"Are you alright?" Britania asked me, giving me a mocking smile. "I'm fine, what do you want?" 

Her smile grew and she took in my cheek. "Something happen?" She asked. "Just some thorns, I wasn't watching where I was going." I lied. Britania saw through it but didn't ask any further.

"How's your leg?" She asked. 

"Do you care?" 

She laughed and stepped closer to me. "Back off." I growled. "Oh Mithra, what have I ever done to you?" She asked. "You tried to kill me!" I exclaimed. "I hear from the queen the prince is becoming very fond of you." She said. "That's a lie. I know your prince hates me, don't waste your time being interested in our relationship." I said and turned back towards the castle.

"Perhaps you would like to walk with me, show me the gardens. It's beautiful here." She suggested.

"No thank you."

"Oh, but please. I would love to get out of my room and explore the castle."

I sighed and turned to her. "Fine." I said and led her to a garden, my least favorite one on the castle grounds. She smiled and looked over the garden. She was studying the gardens, calculating them more than someone who was just enjoying the outdoors should be. 

"If you are looking for a place to escape after trying to kill me again, you won't find it here." I said.

She snapped her attention to me. "What an absurd thought, I'm a lady and princess of my country." She said. I raised a brow.

"Princess? I was under the assumption you were just a lady, or really a daughter of a lord. No status." I said.

She laughed. "I have as much title as you do, princess." She scoffed. "Seems so." I said, shrugging.

"Well? Get on with it Britania, I know you didn't just want a tour for the fun of it." I said, bored with her. "I'm simply interested in getting to know you. A miracle really how the prince went straight from hating you to your friend. Our kind is very powerful, isn't it." She said.

"I don't know what you mean."

"Oh, but don't you?"

I stopped and turned towards the castle. "I'm not interested to hear accusations thrown at me, Britania, and I found that I don't have the patience any longer. Your tour is done." I snapped and stormed towards the castle.

She laughed and fell into step beside me. "You are beautiful, princess, beautiful and you have secrets many would love to find out, it's only a matter of time before my prince realizes he'll only recover those secrets if you trust him. Or love him." She started saying. "Oh what a powerful pair you two will be, but relationships aren't just about balance. Someone has to take control sometime, and I have a feeling you won't be that person."

We neared the castle and I slammed Britania into the door, holding a knife to her throat. "I will never love your prince, and not many are foolish as you to concern themselves with such insane thoughts of control and balance in relationships. There is power, only power, and I plan to take that power for myself not share it in a meaningless relationship." I exploded, the words just flooding out of me.

My hand shook as it held the knife to her throat and I was holding so hard against her neck the skin broke when she swallowed and a small trickle of blood went down her neck and down her chest.

"Get your hands off me princess, you have an audience." She snarled. I waited a moment before backing away from Britania and sheathing my knife on my thigh again.

"Don't talk to me again Britania, if I you do I won't just cut your neck a little bit, I will rip your rutting throat out." I growled and left her in the garden, ignoring the small crowd that indeed gathered to see me lose control.

I didn't care, I would love to slit that gods damned throat of hers the first moment I get, but I warned her so hopefully she'll consider her life and leave me the hell alone.

When I turned down the hall that led to my rooms my mother was standing there, obviously unimpressed by the little incident. "Mithra, come with me." She demanded. I followed her to an empty room and when we were fully alone and the doors were closed she struck. Her nails ripping into my cheek. She gripped my chin and forced me to look at her, her nails digging into my jaw.

"If you ruin this marriage, I will gut you Mithra, daughter or no." She threatened.

"It's not like you ever noticed me as your daughter anyways." I spat.

She let her usually leashed rage show as she struck three more times. There was plenty of blood now running down my face and she had the nerve to just put on that mask of calm and leave me there. I dropped to my knees and when I could no longer hear her footsteps in the hall I screamed and sobbed. The marks of her nails were in my cheeks and the blood dripped onto the pristine floor so clear I could see my reflection and my mauled face.

The sight made the sobs worse and I didn't even notice when someone walked in.

"I heard your conversation with Britania." The prince said.

I covered my face with my hands and turned away from him. "Leave me alone." I said, my voice hoarse from my sobbing.

"Hmm, power. It's always about power." He said. "I don't regret what I said." "Oh, I know you don't."

I looked up at him. He didn't look surprised, his face didn't even change as he looked at me. "Stand up, don't kneel before me. You are powerless when you kneel for anyone." He said. "I'm not kneeling for you." I snarled. He raised a brow and shrugged at me, slipping his hands into his pockets. I didn't want to listen, but I did anyways and stood.

He gripped my face in his hands, I winced, but he didn't let go. "If your mother thinks a few scratches will ruin your beauty, your power, then you will gain nothing from this marriage. You will gain no power if you let her take what you have from you." He said. The stinging in my face stopped and I knew he healed me. "Why do you care? Shouldn't you be mad that I was going to use you?" I said. He paused, but didn't let go of my face. "You were going to use me, not anymore. You don't get a throne unless you defeat your mother, and neither will I but my parents will naturally die giving me an advantage. I will help you Mithra, but only if you promise me you won't use anyone to gain that power and you will do this with only your strength." He said.

I looked at him, looking for a lie in what he said. There wasn't one. I threw my arms around his neck and embraced him, surprising him and myself, but he just held me. I buried my head in his chest, not caring about getting the blood still on my face on his shirt. He stroked my back and let me cry into his chest.

"Let me escort you to your room." He said. I felt the vibration of his words in his chest and I wished he would speak again so I could feel his words against me. He moved to step out of the embrace but I gripped him tighter. "Please, speak to me again." I said. He paused and went still in my arms, but then he began to speak and the feeling of his words in his chest could've put me to sleep.

"You are wonderful, Mithra, beautiful, and smart. Don't let your mother ever make you believe differently." He told me. "It'll be hard to tell myself I won't love you, prince." I said and instantly wished I could take back the words.

His chuckle shook his chest and I could've stayed like that all day, but he kissed my head and backed away. This time I let him and stepped back to compose myself. "Let's forget this happened." I said. "I don't think I will be able to." He said. I smiled. "I hate to say the same." I said. He held out his arm and I took it.

He led me back to my room and we didn't talk on the way, enjoying the comfortable silence around us.

"Goodbye, Mithra." He said and bowed then turned to leave. "Thank you." I said. He looked at me over his shoulder and smiled. "I think it will be hard to tell myself I won't love you too, princess." He said and left. I smiled at myself like a fool for a good ten minutes before I slapped the grin off my face and let myself get the prince out of my head.

I laid on my bed and tried to think of anything but him.

"Britania deserved it." Meliza said waltzing into my rooms. "Hello to you too, Mel." I said, and chuckled. "Sorry, hello." She said. I smiled at her and laughed. "Smiling? Laughing? Who did this to you?" She joked. "Ugh, don't remind me of him I just got him out of my head." I said and buried my face into my bed. "No, the prince?" She gasped. "I thought you hated him." She added.

"Hated, past tense unfortunately." I said. "You, love him?" She blurted. "Gods no!" I blurted. "I just... don't hate him." Mel laughed, it was such a sweet sound and I laughed with her, unable to help myself. "Has anyone told you you have a pretty laugh, Mel?" I asked. "You're being nice too, I don't know if I like this." She said. "Oh, stop."

She sat next to me and I rolled onto my back and stared at the ceiling. "He said he would help me become queen, Mel, do you think I can do it?" I asked. She was silent for a moment then sighed. "I don't know, I know you are starting to not hate him but what if he is just trying to get a new, young queen on the throne so other countries will think to invade." She said. 

"Maybe you should be queen Mel." I said.

"No, Mithra, you are perfect. Beautiful, powerful," "Everyone keeps saying that, but I'm not sure if anyone means it anymore." I said. "They'd be a fool not to." She said. I sighed. "I guess you're right." I said.

We sat in silence for a minute, until she got up and headed for the bathroom. "Let's get ready, your party is tonight you know." She said. I groaned. "I forgot about that, can I just skip it?" I asked. "No!" She exclaimed.

"Now get up, or I will drag you to the party. It's in honor of the new, young couple." She said grinning. "Oh, stop." I said. I hated parties, or any celebration. Balls, gatherings, socials, it all can go to hell, but I followed her into the bathroom anyways and got ready for the damn party.

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