Queen of Ruin

This story is just a work in progress and I'm going to see how it goes. Thanks for reading <3


4. 4

Chapter 4


"Hello." Britania said to me as I approached the arena like training room. She smiled and she was dressed in similar leathers to mine with knives and a crossbow strapped to her back. She even has a sword connected to her belt.

"What are you doing here?" I asked. "I ran into your trainer, he said I am welcome to train with you today with my own trainer." She said. "Said it would be good for you to practice with someone else." She added. 

I didn't let it show that I was bothered and smiled at her. "It will be interesting fighting with you, you are very skilled as I saw from our little encounter." She said. "You remember?" I asked but didn't look surprised. "Our country is strict on controlling others and broke your little spell the second I returned." She said. "I see, well I'm not interested in fighting, very sorry." I said and turned to walk away. She stepped in front of me and blocked my path. "By all means, don't let me hold you back from training." She said and gestured for me to go back to the arena. 

"Why, so you can get another chance to kill me?" I asked and crossed my arms. "I'm not interested in starting a war, I think you'll agree." She retorted. "Of course not, too bad you didn't consider it at first perhaps we could've became friends." I said. She tightened her jaw but didn't move until I agreed to train with her.

"Fine." I breathed and followed her into the arena. There was a trainer waiting for us when we entered and he smiled at Britania, bowing slightly, but didn't even glance in my direction. "Ready?" He asked her. "Talven will be here soon." She said. I looked at her. "Why is the prince joining?" I asked. "We always train together. Is there a problem?" I shake my head. "Just don't usually train with anyone." I lie. I didn't want the prince there, and I didn't think he would be happy to see me there.

We both react to the growing footsteps in the hall and turn to the door. Indeed the prince comes through the doors and his eyes lock with mine. He snaps his attention to Britania and she just smiles at him. "Why is she here?" He asks her. "I'm pretty sure that I told you I was training, so why are you here?" I asked him. He ignored me and waited for Britania's answer.

"I knew she was training, might as well do it together." She said with a shrug. I saw what must have been going through his head on his face. He was angry and irritated. "Shall we begin?" The trainer said and I turned to him.

"It's nice to have you join us, princess, but here it won't matter who you are and it won't distract our training." He said. "Of course." I said. He nodded and told us to take a few laps around the arena. I was used to this, and though the prince and Britania were not they got used to it quickly I stayed a small distance behind them and they stayed next to each other as they ran. 

"Catch up princess!" The trainer barked at me. I picked up my pace and went to Britania's side. She glanced at me and picked up her pace as well. I knew the prince could have finished but he stayed with Britania. On our last lap I was out of breath but pushed myself harder and got myself ahead of them and sprinted to keep my place ahead.

"Come on, prince, I know you're faster than that." I said to him. They were decently far behind and Britania looked almost like she was dying of fatigue, but the prince looked like he could keep going for hours. He took the challenge and indeed got up to me within a couple seconds. He smirked at me before beating both Britania and I a minute before we finished. She was a few seconds behind, but I doubt their trainer makes them run as much as Antoine does with me.

"Very well done. Let's see what you can do with a knife." The trainer said to me. I nodded and brought out my knifes, my twin blades that I normally keep on me wherever I go. Their hilts match up and look as if they could connect into one, but it never worked. They were made of the hardest metal to reform using magic so someone powerful enough to transform metal like it were rare. I managed once to almost fuse them together but it took me a week to separate them again.

I spun my knives a couple of times in my hands and waited for the trainer to tell me what to do. The trainer looked young, probably a couple decades older than me. He brought out two knives of his own, longer than mine but practical and simple. Worn from use, they must be his favorites or just his training ones. 

The prince backed away from us and the trainer got into a fighting stance, I did as well and we circled each other. We waited for someone to make the first move, so after a minute I struck. I lunged towards him and as he moved to block my attack I spun and attacked on the other side. He dodged it quickly and smiled at me. "Experienced move." He mused, pleased.

He didn't hesitate to attack me with unrelenting speed. I dodged three attacks before he managed to cut my arm. I didn't react to much or else he'd catch me on the distraction. He swung at my throat but I ducked and countered with an attack on his opposite side. He was favoring his right side but blocked my attack easily on his left. 

Again, I went for his left but before I had time to avoid it he twisted me around and held a knife to my throat and one pointed at the side of my waist. "Learn to notice when a left-handed person is making you think they are right dominant." He said and pushed me away. "Otherwise, well done. You lasted longer than Britania her first time." He added and sheathed his knives.

I did the same, putting my knives back in belt. "How long have you trained?" He asked. "Long enough." I said smiling. He didn't need to know how old I was even if he is Greege, judging by his build and fighting skills as if he had been training years and years. He smiled back and I heard Britania snort. Her and the prince stood next to each other and watched us. There was an emotion on his face I couldn't read. "Royals, fighting ring now." The trainer ordered. The prince and I exchanged a glance before we were in the ring that the trainer had drawn on the ground. 

"You know the rules Tal, but princess no stabbing besides the arms or legs, no one can die obviously. If I have to jump in there will be problems for you both." He said. The prince stared into my eyes and now he didn't hide the sneer or scowl when he looked into them.

"Something bother you?" I asked. "Just a problem that's staring me in the face and yet I can't solve it." He said. I tightened my jaw. Britania laughed and the trainer snapped at us. "Fight, don't talk." He said.

The prince attacked first, lunging at me but not as fast as I expected. I dodge him and dart to the side. He attacks again and doesn't stop until he swipes and cuts open my already healing cut from Britania. He hit it dead on and I forced down my anger, I couldn't let him get me distracted. How did he hit so precisely in that spot? I thought. The moment I let the thought get to me he attacked again and landed a knife in my right thigh. I cried out and this time I didn't care about my anger and I kicked him away stabbing down towards him and swiping at his head, forcing him towards the edge of the circle. 

He managed to duck and get around me, but I didn't let him attack me from behind and I dropped down as he stood barreled into him. He fell back and I was on top of him, I had him pinned, but before I could get my knife to his throat he flipped me around and his fist collided with my jaw.

The prince had my arms pinned and I couldn't kick him off me, but I didn't panic. I wouldn't give up so fast. The trainer said nothing against abilities and I notice the metal of his knives aren't as strong as mine, and I could manage to disarm him. I didn't think twice before concentrating on the metal on him and send it all flying to the middle of the ring. 

He cursed and I got my hands free from his second of distraction but he grabs my wrists and pins them down. I felt blood start to spill out from my leg and I scream as a searing pain goes through my wrists. He's burning my wrists, I thought. Panic flooded through me even though I knew the trainer wouldn't allow him to harm me too much. RightI wondered. 

The pain grew and I felt the burning through my arms. I screamed again and then without thinking I latched onto his power with all my strength and yelled out the commands before I could control what I was doing. "Release me!" I yelled. He hesitated but obeyed. "Back off." I growled and he stood and stumbled away from me. I immediately jumped to my feet and bit back a cry from the pain in my leg and waist. I inspect my wrists. Two burns in the shape of hands. 

I was sweating and the control I had over the prince made my vision spark and spot. Finally, I released him and hunched over, gasping for air. "The princess isn't a weak Greege, it appears." The trainer said. I straighten and hold in the bleeding from my leg. "Whoever told you I was weak was very mistaken." I said trying to hide my fatigue. "I think that's enough for you, maybe you should get that looked at." The trainer said and looked at my leg. Indeed the blood was soaking through and very noticeable despite my dark clothes. "I'll be fine." I said. "I admire your dedication but I don't want you bleeding all over the place and then I get blamed if you get an infection." He explained. I waited a minute then nodded, there wasn't arguing there.

I limped out and didn't look at the prince or Britania when I left. "You too." I heard the trainer say and then someone was following me. 

I didn't look back as I made my way, slowly, towards the healers. We hadn't found many Greege who could heal, but we had a few who can fix some things. It would have to do. The person behind me, either the prince or Britania, gets closer. I start to turn to them when they slam me into the wall. "What did you do to me?" The prince asked.

"Do what?" "You know." He growled. "If you haven't figured it out already I doubt you will, so why ask?" He looks at me annoyed and I have to look up to look in his eyes. He stares at me for a second and then shoves back off the wall. I relax and release a breath I didn't know I was holding. 

"Where are the healers?" He asked. "That's where I'm going." I said and then continued the way I was going. He followed me and walked next to me. I felt him looking at me but I kept looking straight. Suddenly, he paused and I stopped and turned to him. He was looking at my wrists. He grabbed them both and held them up for him see. I winced at the touch and tried to pull my arms free but his grip was too strong. "I burned you." He said although it sounded like he said it to himself. He flinched as if realizing what he was doing then dropped my arms.

"Yeah, did you not notice when I screamed? Or were you too busy savoring the pain I was in?" I snapped. He had a look of something like sympathy before his face went expressionless. I stared into those oddly beautiful eyes and waited for him to answer, but he doesn't. 

I turned back around and my limp got worse. The pain was bad enough that silent tears streamed down my face. I didn't look at him so he wouldn't have the satisfaction of know how he hurt me. My vision pulses and I sway as I limp along to the healers. 

After a while, when I had pretty much lost where I was going and could hardly make out the halls I tipped over. Strong hands caught my fall and I knew who it was and pushed off. "I just tripped." I said and looked around at my surroundings. I make out enough to realize I had gone way too far. "Do you know where you are going?" He asked. "Of course." I said. I sway and start to fall again but he catches me. This time I don't shove off and let him steady me. "Stop helping me because you feel bad for hurting me. I know you are glad for what you did to me." I snapped.

"Fine, you're right anyway." He walked away and I stared at his figure as it disappeared, wide eyed I watched him leave me. Of course he left me, he didn't care about me. I shook my head and turned to where I thought would lead me to the healers. 

I took all of two steps before I fell again, but this time no one was there to catch me. I couldn't catch myself in time and hit my head on the tile causing stars into my vision. Then I blacked out, and I thought that I would die on the castle floors before I got help.

I was going to die, all because I sent the prince away out of spite. But who's to say he would've helped me.

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