Queen of Ruin

This story is just a work in progress and I'm going to see how it goes. Thanks for reading <3


3. 3

Chapter 3


I didn't have much say in planning the wedding, my mother of course wants all information to ensure her safety. Not mine, of course, because why worry about me when she will live forever?

The queen was always present when we planned out everything. The flowers, colors, seating was the most important to them. I payed attention to none of it and nodded along every once in a while. 

As they discussed where this lord should sit and why they shouldn't sit next to this lord, or this lady, I made small figures from my bracelets and when they talked to me I returned them back to my wrists.

"Are you listening Mithra?" Mother asked. 

"Yes, I'm sorry I must have just gotten lost in my thoughts for a second." I said.

"As always." She said.

She didn't sound cruel or annoyed with me, but I knew she was. She always got aggravated when I would go off to another place as she would call it. It wasn't something I controlled, sometimes I would stare at one thing for ten minutes before someone can get my attention. She used to slap me until my face turned red when I did it, but she stopped when more people were there to see it. 

"We were wondering what your dress should look like." She said.

"You have good taste, surprise me." I said sweetly. 

My mother and I glared at each other and we forgot about the queen completely until she spoke. "I always wished I had a daughter, Britania was one for me but was always uninterested in feminine things like dresses and jewelry, always training with her." She said. "Perhaps we could go shopping together, majesty." I said to her. 

She smiled and took my hands in hers. "Such a lovely girl, I am happy to know my son is marrying someone as wonderful as he." She said silently. I make an effort to just smile. How pleased my mother must be that the queen is just taken away by me. "Thank you, majesty." I said. "Please, call me Nelema." I nodded and smiled until she dropped my hands and got into a conversation with my mother.

After they ignored me I went back to playing with the bracelets and rings I wore. Sometimes forming small daggers and bullets, but never daring to let anyone in the room see. 

My mother seemed so delightful with the queen and I had stayed in my rooms for three days until I agreed to come out to plan the wedding. I hadn't seen the prince in the three days, and wish I had stayed in bed instead of having to watch how fake my mother was with the queen and how the queen fell so deep for it. They ended up choosing a dress for me and I just nodded without looking at what it was. 

"Thank you, I must be on my way." The queen said and left rather quickly. I smiled as she left and then turned to my mother sitting beside me. "I would have thought you were too busy to plan my wedding." I said. "My queen." I added. No one is in the room and a few guards stood outside, so I didn't have to address her by it but of course she'd beat me if I didn't. "I want to have good relations with our new allies. This wedding will be sending a great message to our enemies." She said. Of course it wasn't about me, always about her country and making a show, then comes me. 

She sighed and got up to leave. I stood as well but didn't bow as she gracefully glided away, the cruel queen coming back and the cheerful mother disappearing. I said nothing as she left and didn't leave myself for a good fifteen minutes to avoid running into her, but instead I ran into someone else.

When I left the room we were planning in there were no guards outside, in fact the halls seemed empty until I turned to see the prince headed my way with two of his own guards close behind. He looks around for someone then notices I'm alone and smiles a little.

I could have avoided him but seeing his reaction from our first meeting was amusing. I didn't enjoy his company but I certainly enjoyed making him uncomfortable. "Good afternoon." I said to him. He didn't answer and continued walking towards me but didn't look at me. When he was close enough I grabbed his arm slightly and stopped him. The guards instantly moved their hands to their weapons at the touch. I smiled, not out of kindness, but because they dared think I would be a threat, in my own home.

"Are you going somewhere? Perhaps we could eat lunch," He didn't let me finish before declining but before he could walk away I pinned him with my glare. "If we are to spend the rest of our immortal lives together perhaps we should call a truce." I said, no longer pretending to be the kind princess. His skin heated as he turned and finally looked at me. 

His face was cold and unreadable, different from before. His skin continued to heat until it almost burned to touch his arm and I retreated my hand. That was answer enough. Fine, if he doesn't want to at least start this on equal terms then let him. "How's that girl? Britania, is it?" I asked. His jaw tightened and he looked away.

"I don't believe that's any of your concern." He dismissed me but I wouldn't let him leave just yet. "Oh I suppose it is if I'm going into a marriage when my husband loves another woman." I said. "You are mistaken. We are nothing but family friends." He defended but was still surprisingly calm. "Very good family friends, I suppose." I shrugged and his eyes flickered with a bit of rage. That girl is such a touchy subject with him, perhaps that does him more harm than good.

"A pleasure to see you again after three days, must be busy for you." I said. "You didn't even leave your room I was told." I raised my brows. "Spying on me? What an interesting prince. Well, good day to you." I said and left before he could say anymore.

I didn't realize I was squeezing my hands into fists until I was far from that room and the prince and I relaxed. There were marks in my palms from where my nails dug into them. Had he noticed? Maybe it's best for me to stay away or I'll ended up making myself bleed by just talking to him.

My thoughts again wander to the wedding night. Will he show up drunk to forget it? Maybe I will, or I could try to get out of it altogether.

"There you are!" Meliza calls to me and I turn to see her rushing towards me. When she's by my side I continue towards my rooms. "I had someone watch the girl, she was indeed with him last night and left his room this morning." She whispered. "Oh Mel, don't waste your time." I said. "Such an interesting pair those two." She muttered to herself, as if thinking about just how devoted they are to each other. "Don't cause trouble, leave them. They aren't important and love only gets you in trouble." I said. She looked at me with a certain sadness in her eyes. "That's not true, you need someone to love and someone who will always love you. You won't be happy otherwise. Even a new friend every once in a while will do you good." She explained.

I shrugged. "I suppose, if you weren't someone of my standing. I could be queen one day and I don't want to be love sick and let my country be the cost." I said. She shook her head. "Just try to be nice to the prince, maybe you could be friends at the least." She suggested. "I tried, but he wants nothing to do with me, probably more so than I want nothing to do with him. It's not important anyways." I argued. "Whatever." She said and then we were at my rooms and instead of lunch a servant arrived with a note.

"The Belar queen and king want to have lunch with you." Meliza said reading the note. "I suppose I should go, where?" I asked. "Just in the dining hall of their part of castle." She said. I sighed. "I just got here." Meliza only looked at me and crossed her arms. "Alright, take me to them." I said.

They were waiting for me when I got there and there wasn't any food on the table yet. The table was almost as big as the one we use for formal events, which is where the wedding dinner will be held. I curtsied to them both and took a seat at the place set out for me. There wasn't another place, so no one would be joining.

"Afternoon." The king said. I said the same to him and looked at the queen smiling at me. "Please, tell us some about you." The queen said and snapped her fingers to have our food brought out. I didn't care what we ate and hardly even touched my plate. "Not much to say." I answered. "Tell us, you are Greege correct? To what extent do your... powers go." The king questioned. He wasn't as kind as the queen although I didn't think he meant to come across that way.

"Yes, I am. There isn't much to say again. I am immortal, but my abilities are limited. Nothing special, but of course some take it as a threat at first thought." I explained. The king nodded, pleased with what I said. Probably compared me to his son.

"I saw you practicing with your bracelets earlier, mind showing us something?" The queen asked. I suppose I wasn't as cautious during the wedding planning as I thought. "If you wish, but isn't the prince a Greege as well?" I asked. "Yes, but he is very secretive with his training and doesn't show many. Britania is the same." The queen answered, again bringing up that damn girl. I nodded and grabbed the silver utensils from the table and piled them in front of me. 

I fused them together into one piece of metal and then reshaped it into a crown with a floral design. "Beautiful." The queen said and took the crown. "Do you create your own jewelry?" She asked. I nodded. "Some Greege I see would have to concentrate a lot to even move metal, to create something new out of it? Truly amazing." She said. "Thank you." I murmured and finally dug into my food. We talked about many unimportant things and I just smiled and answered rarely.

The queen spoke enough for me, bringing up stories mainly about the prince or Britania. Finally, I asked, "Was your marriage arranged as well?" I sounded a little less kind than I intended, but they didn't seem to mind. The queen hesitated before answering. "No, we were in love, still are. I was a lady from my country so our parents of course didn't reject the marriage." 

There weren't many details and I wondered what made them choose their son's wife instead of giving him a chance at love like them? My mother believed only in marrying for power, so of course I knew it wouldn't matter if I did end up loving anyone. The queen probably thought the same which is why she hesitated to answer, but it probably wasn't her decision to choose me.

The king only nodded, agreeing with the queen. "Do you have any military experience?" The king asked. I nodded. "I have been trained all my life, your highness." I responded. "Perhaps I could join you in training." He suggested. "That's quite alright, I normally never have an audience." I said, turning down the offer as calm as I could. "Oh, I insist. Maybe Tal will join you." This time I refused a little too quickly when he mentioned the prince. "They won't bite, but if you don't want to we won't force you." The queen said.

I heard footsteps in the hall, but I couldn't excuse myself in time before someone walked in. "Mother, father." Talven said, neglecting to acknowledge. I turned to him and he looked at me once before ignoring me again. "Tal, join us. We were just discussing Mithra's training. She claims to be very skilled, perhaps you two could train together sometime before the wedding." The queen explained to him. "I don't want to be bruised before the wedding, and I actually have to go too training now. Thank you." I say and stand to curtsy to them before leaving without saying a word to the prince.

I half expected to see Meliza waiting outside, but there are only guards for the queen, king, and prince. One person from Belar passes by as I exit and they don't even look twice at me, perhaps they don't know who I am. 

On my way back to my rooms a few more people passed me, again they don't look at me and one person even scowls at me and rushes away. I don't let it get to me and when I'm again in the comfort of my rooms. I don't linger long before I change into my training uniform, sheathe my knives on my belt and head to the training hall, where I see the last person I wanted to see. Britania.

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