Queen of Ruin

This story is just a work in progress and I'm going to see how it goes. Thanks for reading <3


2. 2

Chapter 2


My body ached the next day and I almost cried out when Meliza woke me and I stood to get to bathe. 

"Someone must have been training too hard." She said.

I shot her a look and slowly got into my bathroom, painfully made my way to the bath she had drawn for me. She laughed and gripped me gently to steady me as we got to the bathroom.

She helped me undress and I stepped into the bath sinking down with a sigh. "I thought a hot bath might help." She said. I smiled at her and closed my eyes, enjoying the warmth. It was hotter than usual but felt all the better on my screaming body. The bath was large, half the size of a pool, and could fit at least ten people. 

I let Meliza bathe me and she was tender. I hardly remembered the pain in my body and nearly dozed off sitting there. I remembered my training, I had learned many things I hadn't known before. Antoine when I suggested we do something different and he was happy to change our usual routine. He had me running around the arena too many times to count to warm up, telling me that I need to be able to run away if I can't kill someone who might likely kill me as well. When he finally had me stop I hunched over and gasped for breath. When I was relaxing and catching my breath he pounced and attacked. I had only a second before he had a sword pointed at my throat. "You must be ready to possibly be killed even when you are tired." He said. I nodded and he had me running again, this time I was ready and didn't wait for him to attack me before I lunged and had my sword aimed at his heart and tapping his chest. "Dead, be prepared for me to kill even when I'm tired." I said smiling and panting.

Training after that consisted of techniques to offensive fighting and the most painful place to hit. He unknowingly gave me advice to torturing someone, and I just smiled at myself afterwards at all he had taught me thinking it was just training. I asked the best way to harm someone with magic, and he so willingly told me not considering all he told me I would eventually use against my mother, the queen.

"The water is getting cold." Meliza told me.

I nodded but didn't make a move to get up.

I don't know how long I was in the bath letting Meliza brush through and clean my hair. "You've been sitting here for quite a while you'll like an old fruit if you stay in any longer." She said. "So be it, old fruit or no I could stay here all day." I said. "I suppose you could, but then you would miss your meeting with the royal family of Belar." My eyes shot open at that. "They aren't supposed to come for another day." I said. "Well, they came in late last night. Suppose they were tired of waiting or got your mother's message about making the wedding sooner." She said with a shrug.

"Did you see them?" I asked. 

She nodded and smiled. "How lucky you are he's gorgeous." She said. I rolled my eyes and gagged. "He could be a god but I still won't want to marry him. He ordered someone to kill me. A girl with red-orange hair and dark green eyes." I said. "I hear, she was with them." She said silently. "Don't feel bad for me, I don't want this and I don't care if he has a mistress. I don't need love getting in my way." I said. 

"You don't ever want to find love?" She said surprised. "Gods no! It gets you killed." I said. She chuckled and patted my shoulder, she wanted me to get out. I groaned and stepped out.

I saw myself in the mirror. I didn't like that my mother called me pretty. I wasn't special or beautiful beyond comprehension. I looked almost normal except for my eyes. My body was thin but curved at my hips and I had long legs that made me taller than other girls. There were some lean parts of me from so much training and the water on my skin made it look like it was shining. I cringed at my reflection. I looked like my mother indeed. 

The only thing I got from my father was my dark curly hair, sharp and high cheekbones, golden tan skin, and odd hands. The rest was an utterly identical image of my mother. My beautifully cruel mother.

My hair was far too long and I always considered cutting it. It reached my waist and the curls only made it so much more difficult. It was pretty enough I supposed but it was a mix of many colors. Some red and gold, but mainly dark and light brown.

"Something wrong?" Meliza asked. I shook my head. "Just thinking." I said. "You are lovely, my princess." She said with a smile. "Thank you, but you don't have to say that to make me feel better about this." I said. "It's the truth, very lovely and runs in your family." She said dipping her head. I clenched my jaw, my sharp jaw from my mother. My looks did run through the family, the side I didn't quite enjoy. "Sorry, I didn't mean to, I just meant that you were very refined but unique as well." She said correcting herself. "You're fine, what shall I wear?" I asked.

She paused and thought while I dried off. "Something seductive, perhaps, or maybe something overly modest." I suggested. "Something enticing and seductive, but still a bit of modesty." Meliza said. I nodded and sat in front of my vanity for her to do my hair. She first went to my wardrobe and brought out an elegantly stunning dress.

It was the color of amethyst with sleeves that fell off my shoulders and had a belt of lace and gems of blue and purple. The dress was slightly revealing and simple, but the cape that went with it must have taken days, maybe weeks to make. It connected to the dress with a necklace hardly covered my mostly showing chest. 

I felt like a queen when I put on that dress and cape that looked like giant wings trailing behind me. Meliza did my hair simply like my dress to accent my cape. Along the sides of the dress were two large openings that showed my legs and I decided to go with heels. White heels with a floral design on the heel made of silver. 

My curly hair fell down my back and the top half was woven again to look like a crown on top of my head with gems that matched my belt woven through.

She fixed my face with some cosmetics and then I was finished. "Gloves?" She asked. I thought about it and nodded. "Find me some jewels and silver." I said. She left and came back a minute later with a box of plain silver and many jewels all of different sorts.

I felt that thrum of power inside of me again and controlled the contents of the box to my will. The silver came up as one long thread and wrapped and wove itself around my arms in something like gloves that reached my elbow. I included some purple jewels to accent the design of swirls and flowers similar to my shoes. 

"Marvelous Mithra. You always were more admirable than your mother she will be more than furious." She said. I grinned, always happy to bother my mother any way I could. "I will take you to the throne room." She said and held her arm to me. 

I was half a foot taller than Meliza with my shoes, but she didn't seem to care and neither did I. My steps rang out through the halls as we walked and I didn't care. Let my mother and the prince hear me from down the hall, I didn't care. "You sure are trying to impress." Drakel said as we neared him.

I shrugged and pulled my shoulders back and held my chin high. My body was still in pain but I had to ignore it for the meeting. He held his arm out at the opposite side of Meliza and I placed my arm inside of his.

"Let's send a message then." He said and they both led me to the throne room.

Meliza had to leave me at the door and when the sentries let us into the dark room I was surprised to see my mother wasn't sitting in her throne but standing next to the king. She had a black dress on to match her court, but still she stood out above the rest. Her dress was tight but just at the end her skirt flowed out a foot behind her and her long sleeves ended in a long train as long as her skirt. Her dress was more revealing than mine with her entire midriff open and her breasts hardly hidden with the fabric that covered just enough of her. The king and queen standing beside her looked so plain in her presence and their crowns were the only indication of their status.

My mother wore a less grand crown this time that was dark black and silver with chains that had tiny spikes hanging down the back and her white hair was completely loose and free. She and I were dressed similar, like mother like daughter the royal family probably thought.

I avoided looking at the prince and the red haired woman that stood nearby. All I could see was his tall lean figure in my peripheral view as I stared into my mother's fire eyes when I approached. I had a smile plastered on my face as I looked at her, we had to appear united and I pretty much admired my mother compared to how I felt for the Belar family with disdain and nothing else. She smiled at me as well, probably thinking the same.

I didn't bow deeply to her as I towards her side farthest from the Belar family. "Mother." I said silently and brought her hand to my lips shuddering at her claws she wore. Never have I seen her without them. She dipped her head slightly to me and accepted the kiss I placed on her knuckles.

I straightened and stood at her side. She was the queen and I was heir, and not a single person in that room could have known the disdain we felt towards each other. Everyone in the room clapped our of respect, no one was particularly happy about this marriage except for my mother and the prince's parents. I knew the prince and I did agree that we wanted nothing to do with each other and detested this union.

"We welcome our guests King Talven the sixth and Queen Nelema of Belar and their son, Prince Talven the seventh. It is our pleasure to be the host of the marriage between Prince Talven and my daughter Princess Mithra as we witness the union that will form between our two countries. Together, we shall build power, strength, and a nation beyond wonders." My mother announced. 

Now came the cheers. Everyone had to cheer, didn't necessarily want to but no one wanted my mother's wrath. So they hollered, clapped, and cheered for the prince and I. It made me want to puke.

I glanced once at the prince and his face was pale and his jaw was tight. A second later he relaxed and the tension eased as I eyed the reassuring hand placed on his arm. The girl with fire hair hardly acknowledged me, a muscle twitching in her jaw the only indication that she noticed my presence when I walked in. Now I could see it, why she had been sent to kill me or perhaps she wanted to. She loved the prince, although I didn't see it in her eyes I read it from her body language. The prince looked at the girl for only a second and I saw he loved her as well before he turned forward again, face stone cold. 

I snorted and the prince looked at me for the first time. Disgust, it was written all over him. I smiled at him but he only stared at me with a flicker of rage in those eyes. Beautiful eyes I must say. They were silver with a ring of blue on the outside. His eyes were bright compared to his tan skin. If I didn't hate him perhaps I would say he was stunning, but I didn't pay it much attention before we both looked away.

My mother grabbed my hand and squeezed it once, those claws digging into my skin but not enough to draw blood, just a warning. I suppose I had to put on a mask, a mask that I was happy about this wedding rather than dreading it every second that passes.

This bastard is in my home and he tries to get his stupid lover to kill me to escape this wedding. He'll learn just who he messed with when he pulled that shit. Mother would have likely clawed me if I said what I thought aloud.

My mother raised a hand and on cue the room went silent. She gave a slight nod to the crowd, to her court, for the obedience to make her look good. 

When the room is silent and I could hear only my thoughts the king spoke. "We are grateful to be here in your beautiful country, and we are just as excited for the power this union will bring." He said. The Belar queen nodded and the prince stayed still, staring at the doors and likely counting down until he could leave and be alone with his whore.

"To celebrate there will be a grand ball held in honor of the marriage." My mother announced then dismissed everyone with a single gesture and it was the royal family, my mother, and everyone who came with them left in the room. Everyone from Belar had stayed mainly silent, probably uncomfortable in our country.

"There will be servants outside to escort our guests to where they shall stay. We chose only our best rooms, of course." My mother said, not even really talking to anyone but announcing to whoever can hear. 

Now everyone but the royal family leaves, even my mother leaves me alone with the royal family of Belar. Belar has been our enemy for as long as I can remember, what makes us suddenly such close allies?

"Princess." The queen said and stepped towards me. 

I turned fully to her and curtsied with a sweet smile on my face. "It is truly an honor to have you all here." I mused and looked at the prince in time to see him roll his eyes. 

The queen stepped closer to me again and held my face in her hands. Her hands were smooth, she probably hadn't held a weapon before from how perfect they felt although they were slightly wrinkled. My smile faltered a little and I looked at her as she inspected me. "Pretty girl." She said and backed to her husband's side. "Thank you, majesty." I said and curtsied again, only a little lower than before. 

"We would like to introduce lady Britania Nell, from Braxton." The queen said and the girl with fire hair stepped forward. She didn't bow or curtsy to me even though I am princess and she just a lady. I grin and hide my distaste for the girl. "Princess." She said, disinterested. "We raised Britania since she was young and has been like another daughter to us. It would be our only wish if you would allow her on your court when you and my son are married." The queen requested. Britania flinched, but I kept my composure and didn't break my mask. "Of course." I said. The girl nodded and I saw the anger in her eyes before she turned and whispered something to the prince before leaving.

"Please, get settled. I welcome you into my home with open arms." I said to them all. "Perhaps Talven will escort you to your rooms." The king suggested, although we both knew we couldn't refuse. The king nodded and the queen smiled at me before her and the king left.

My mask drifted away and I faced the prince. He avoided eye contact with me and it wasn't until I said something did he look at me. "I can go to my rooms on my own." I said. He looked at me and I almost shrunk, pinned under his stare but stood straight. He looked me up and down and then he again met my gaze. He almost cringed when he stared into my eyes, my mother's eyes. So many told me how striking they were, like lava from an erupting volcano, but he looked disgusted.

He didn't say anything to me before starting towards the doors. Prick, I thought. "Is that it? You say nothing to me?" I called after him. He stopped and looked at me, annoyed. "I have nothing to say to you." He said. I couldn't control my anger when I blurted, "Well your little whore sure did when you sent her to kill me." Now he was infuriated.

He was in my face in less than a second, hardly any Greege had that speed. "Listen, bitch, she is not a whore and I didn't send her to kill you, but perhaps if you call her that again I will next time and she won't fail." He said with surprising calm. 

I heard the door open and kissed him on the cheek. He looked at me brows raised and his face red with anger. "Thank you for the offer, but I may go on my own." I said and turned to the door where my mother stood.

She nodded, pleased. I don't think she has ever been pleased with anything I've done, but maybe it was just another show for the prince. "Prince Talven, may I help you with anything?" My mother said to him.

I looked back to see him bow and shake his head. "No thank you, your majesty." He said and followed after me but turned the opposite way. Good, his rooms were on the other side of the castle and I wouldn't have to worry about running into him, if he leaves his rooms.

When I got to my room Meliza was waiting for me. "How was it?" She asked. "He's a prick. Just a bastard that I have no intentions of marrying." I complained. "I'd actually be lucky if I were killed and got out of this." I added. "Wow, that bad." She said. I nodded and plopped down on the sofa in my sitting room. 

I threw off my shoes and covered my face with my arm as I lounged. "Well, maybe it will make you feel better that I made sure to put him and that girl nowhere near each other." She said. "Won't stop him from seeing her, or the other way around. They love each other and it's truly repulsing." I said. "I don't think I have ever heard you say such nasty things about someone. At least tell me he was attractive." 

I glared at her, hoping she wasn't serious but she just shrugged and waited for my answer. "Very, unfortunately. Such good looks gone to waste on a terrible person." I answered, the last thing I need is my only friend crushing over that awful prince, my betrothed. I cringe at the thought. I wonder what the mask I'll wear with him will be like. Sweet, uninterested. Definitely not love, I couldn't love someone like that. He was just as bad or worse than my mother, at least she can pretend to like me every once in a while.

"Well, don't worry it won't be too awful. You probably won't have to see each other except for formal occasions. You probably won't even consider your hatred on your wedding night." She tried to cheer me up, but then she made me realize something. The wedding night, like I'm going to bed with him

I had plenty of experience, none that meant anything, and I the last thing I wanted was to follow through with our wedding night. What monstrosities would I have to wear for that damn night. The night neither of us want to happen most likely. "Don't ever bring that up." I snapped. She flinched at my tone and I apologized, he put me in such a bad mood that I would talk like this to my friend. Add that to the list of things I have against him.

"Did you talk to him?" She asked. I nodded. "He called me a bitch, that's pretty much it." I said. "Did he have a reason?" She asked. I looked at her and scowled. "I called his 'lover' his whore. He didn't like that but minded my obvious disdain towards him." I said. She laughed and sat in the chair beside my sofa. "Oh Mithra, that fire in your eyes perhaps isn't your mother's but the fire that lives inside you. Fascinating, you shouldn't hate it." She said.

Mostly every time Meliza brought up my mother was to cheer me up, tell me how much better I was, that I wasn't anything like her. I pretend it helps each time but I know it's a lie. 

"I don't, but it would make me happy if I didn't look like her." I said. "You are beautiful." She said and stroked my hair and she continued to. She didn't speak again and I fell asleep as she played with my hair and smoothed it out against the arm rest.

I didn't remember being moved to my bed but I woke up there. Sweating and gasping, a dream. I dreamed about the prince and that fire hair girl, Britania, watching me amused as my mother tore me open for all to see. 

"Just a dream." I said silently to myself and threw off my covers before dozing off again.

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