Drug Dealers Daughter

It shouldn't of happened. It really shouldn't of happened but I couldn't help myself, it started off as a bit off fun and wasn't meant to mean anything; now it means everything.


1. Introduction

 The first time I met her, she answered the door to me. I been to my dealers house before and I knew that she had a daughter but I hadn't met her yet. I didn't imagine her looking so young and so small, she could pass off for being 13 if she wanted but then something about her look also made her look older. I couldn't tell whether she was still in high school or if she was 18 or 19. She had short messy blonde hair, and she wore no makeup like she had just woken up. Her skin looked so smooth but pale, but wasn't very even with the odd blemish; Her eyes where a dark hazel nut brown that had a shimmer to them which was the only thing that made her look alive. She was still in her pyjamas and it wasn't the best look for anyone but something still attracted me to her. 

  I was lost for words when she opened the door, I didn't know what to say. How do you say that your there to buy drugs from someones mum. I felt so awkward, but she didn't seem fazed at all. She invited me in and pointed to the living room and told me her mum was in there, their hallway was small and slim, but that was mainly because of the large wardrobe along the left wall which they used for storage. Right at the end of the hallway there was the bathroom, just before that on the right side was two doors; the first one was a bedroom that I assumed was my dealers and the second door was the living room. On the left side there was only 1 door and then the hallway turned left and carried on to the kitchen. As I walked past her I could smell a sweet scent a bit like the one you would get in a candy store. I went straight into the living room, I looked behind me to see if she was gonna follow me in but she didn't she turned left and walked into her bedroom and shut the door. 

  While I was walking out, I caught myself looking at her door, seeing if she'd open it to say bye or anything but nothing. She didn't seem interesting and she wasn't drop dead beautiful so why was I so intrigued. She hadn't said much to me or given me any kind of facial expression, her body language didn't say much either. 

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