New beginning

Rebekah moves to a new city with her aunt. Will she manage to make new friends. What stories does everyone of them have to tell.

Basically just some romantic crap. If you do not like gays and such do not read it, because I am planning on putting something like that in the story later on.


1. Chapter 1

I woke up and then the reality just hit me. This was my first day in the new school. I crawled out of my bed and headed downstairs to grab some breakfast. I was living with my imaginary aunt that started working later so she wasn´t awake yet. I made myself some snack for later and headed to school.

In the school everyone was staring at me like I was some weirdo because I was dressed in black. I was getting kind of annoyed with this reaction everytime I go out. I took my backpack off whilst walking to fish out my locker number and combination Principal Richards gave me. I finally found it, picked it out and started to read when i bumped into someone. I quickly apologized,collected my things and was about to walk away when the person,a boy, grabbed my arm and stopped me.


''What do you want? I asked hoping he's not going to bully me.


''Hi, you must be the new girl.Sorry for bumping into you, by the way I'm Josh. He said with smile on his lips and sticking out his hand to me.I looked him upside down and if i was honest with myself he was pretty handsome.I think I would even bet that he´s here the stud.His jawline was chiseled and had this deep,chocolate brown eyes that matched with his hair in my opinion perfectly.Not that I care.Anyways I almost started daydreaming about his school and love life and the second part disgusted me a little.Then I saw his worried expression on his face and snapped out of it quickly.


''Um...hi I'm Rebekah.I'm sorry too.Would you mind if you'll show me around,and help me find my locker and classes cause I'm not sure where it is? But you do not have to.I dont want to bug you. '' I said waiting for a rejecting answer.


''Course.I would be honored to make a company to a girl like you.Let's go!“ he said while motioning down the hallway.


I scoffed at this and he gave me this look like what´s going on so I told him that he should call me a freak so others wouldn´t laugh at him or cause him problems,and acted all like I am the crazy one and said he will explain later.At this point I was so confused,but I let it go for a while and concentrated on what he was showing me.He then saw a group of jocks and started walking towards them,grabbing me all the way with him.I was a little scared now because jocks I knew were arrogant idiots so I think it´s acceptable that I don´t like to be near that kind of people.One of them threw a letterman jacket at him.He manhuged and slightly punched everyone of them.that was the moment when it hit me.I started apologizing to him that I bothered him talking mile a minute.Everyone of them started grinning like they saw something funny and burst into a big laugh.I started to walk away when Josh caught up with me and started guiding towards the now smiling boys.He started explaining that they are jocks, that´s right but they´re not that rude kind of jocks and that his friends,pointing to the group of boys from before, are the only ones in this school and that I am lucky that I bumped into him and not into hockey players or the quarterback and his dumbass, so called friends that blindly followed his lead and did whatever he told them to do.

Is that right?“ Josh asked his buddies and they all nodded while smiling warmly at me.That gesture gave me some kind of evidence that he was telling the truth.Then the tallest one started introducing himself.


“Hi,I´m Rick.“he said he had this black hair and blue eyes that were just hypnotizing but in the good kind of way.He had that impression that everybody liked him,at least I think because it happened to me and I don´t like just anybody.

“Hi” I said back and hesitantly shook his hand.

“You know, we are that kind of incognito good jocks.We are kinda acting with that idiots.We dont't bully kids in this school. We try to make them stop. It's hard tho. They bully even when they are alone, so in that situation one of us, mostly Josh, goes to the victim and helps them. But sometimes we have to act like them you know, so they won't find out what we are doing, we have to behave like them. The good thing thing is that everybody knows what we are actually doing so they go along with it and pretend like we really bully them, so if you see us doing that don't think we are actually bullying them, the same with you.We might say rude things to you, but we don't mean it, okay?” explained Rick.

“Well that was a long speech I have to admit it, but okay.” I said with a weak smile.

“Just so you know, I'm the one bullying coz I'm the one badass in this group you know” Josh said teasingly with a small smirk on his face.

“By the way I am Mike and the second most badass.”

“I'm Ben. Glad to meet you.”

“And I'm Jamie the less badass here.”

“Hi, Jamie. You have a really pretty name I like it. I'm Charlie.”

“Do you know where the canteen is or should I walk you there like a total no badass and an actual gentleman?” Jamie asked smirking at Josh who looked a little angry. I don't know why tho.

“That would be really helpful, thanks” I kissed him on the cheek and stayed still and waited for his reaction. Thankfully he wasn't angry and grabbed my hand. A moment later we were running across the school halls. When the teachers wanted to catch us we ran even faster than before and hid in the janitors closet.

“That was fun, but we didn't find the canteen you know, right?” I said while catching my breath. Within a second his smiling face turned into a serious one.

“You're right, we should get going.”

“No, please this was the most fun I had in a long time. I just want it to last longer.”

“Oh, can I ask you what happened or is it too personal?”

“I don't know maybe someday, but not now it's still fresh so...yeah definitely not now, but you are on the good way to win my complete trust and I don't open up to anybody.” I said with a teasing smile. He started to tickle me until I pleaded him to stop.

“You can come over today if you want. My aunt is working all day so she won't be home until midnight, so at least I'll have a little company. But if you are busy than don't bother.”

“Can Rick, Josh, Mike, Ben and Ethan come over too?”

I was going to say something when somebody opened the door and we thought that it was a teacher, but I was stunned when the boy standing in the door looked like Jamie in every possible way.

“Jamie, you little naughty beggar. What are you doing with that poor girl in here?” he teased.

“Talking.” he said a slightly irritated.

“Oh, yeah in the janitors closet.”

“We are hiding from the teachers.”

“They already forgot about it. Anyway won't you introduce me to this beautiful lady?”

At this I blushed a little and hid my face in my hands.

“Well Rebekah, this is Ethan, my twin brother.”


“He didn't nagged you, did he?”

“No he didn't we were just having fun and not in the way you're thinking about. Anyway you're a jock too?”

“Yeah, I'm a hockey player, but I don't hang out with them. I'm just playing because it makes me happier. They are playing because they want to be popular in this school.”

“Good to know that.” I smiled at him.

“Can I walk you to class? No funny business I promise. I just want to know you and let you know me.”

He sticked out his hand to me and I took it curious where he would take me, but then Jamie grabbed my other hand and looked at me with that puppy eyes and I told him that I my first class is History and that he can meet my there during the break. In the end I had to promise him that I wold stay there and wait for him to walk me to the next class.

We walked out of the closet and went our seperate ways leaving Jamie behind. I managed to wave him for goodbye just as we turned around the corner, but didn't see his response.

“So Ethan why did you pull me out of that closet?”

“I prefer the word save you bet anyway I don't want my little brother to get in trouble...”

“Because of me. I get it.”

“No you don't. He's the good student in our family. He's our parents favorite because he plays football, has good marks and here I am with hockey and bad marks so you can figure out what kind of relationship I have with my parents.”

“Are your parents succesful or something?”

“Actually yes. Most of the time they are not at home so it's usually peace at home.”

“That still doesn't explain why you avoid Jamie getting in any kind of trouble.”

“I just want him to get in some super expensive college, study law medicine or something like that and be the best one in his job.”

“And you don't want to be like this because...”

“I don't want to end up like my parents and besides I like acting and singing way better than this. Iam trying to be good at this.”

“So don't plan to go to college at all, right?”

“That's exactly how I want it. I'm not good at studying at all so I think it's better this way.”

“Have you even tried getting some help.”

“Of course I did. Do you really think I'm that unconcerned about my marks. My parents hired some kind of professor, but it didn't help.”

“I'm not surprised. Why didn't you ask your brother or any of your friends. You are not gonna understand anything if it's going to be explained with an advanced vocabulary. With which subjects do you have a problem with?”

“It's a really long list. You sure you want to hear that?”

“I wouldn't ask you if I didn't, would I?”

“So the biggest problem is chemistry, than maths, history and physics.”

“I can help you with it if you want to.”

“You really want to help someone like me?”

“Obviously yes. So do you want me to help you?”

“Well I can try.”

“But you have to promise me that you will study yourself too.”

“Then it's settled. You'll be helping me getting better marks.”

“We'll talk about when and where we'll meet up later. Okay.”

We arrived to my classroom and I saw Jamie waving at me and tapping at the chair next to him.

“Guess I'll say my goodbye to you for now.”

“Yeah, he's waving at you like an idiot. See you during lunch?”

“Definitely. See you later.”

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