She wanted to leave all of her problems behind and just run away. But sometimes what you try to run away from follows you.

Layla ran away and didn't look back, a new small town, hot guys and clean slate seem to be just what she needed. But when the camera flashes and the mysterious feeling that someone is always watching her suddenly appears again. Is this new town her escape or a stalker nightmare come to life.

-Pretty Little Liars Competition-


3. Chapter 3

When I first heard Bridgetown was small, I honestly didn't think this small.  After the initial new to town thing settles down, it's pretty easy to find your way around.

"I will be your official tour guide of Bridgetown" Evander announced as soon as we both slid out of the booth. Usually in most cases I wouldn't be this trusting of a stranger, but this was a new town and a clean state, I couldn't let my over paranoid self run the rest of my life.

"Where to first" I asked, trying to take faster strides to keep up with his long ones. Gosh he was tall.

"Hmmm let me think the London Eye or the Great Wall Of China " He joked stroking his chin as if he had a beard. "Or even better yet how about the library" he asked with a shy smile.

"That sounds great" I answered sweetly. Never in my life has a guy ever offered to take me to the library. As my Mother would say He's a keeper . 

We walked side by side at a much slower pace thank goodness, to the library. "Welcome to the second most exciting hangout in the town" Evander exclaimed using giant hand motions. I peeked around his tall muscular build to see, the library was a cozy small reading nook attached to a heavenly smelling coffee shop. I sighed in delight, this had to be my favorite place I've been to in a long while, Evander seemed to like my awed expression and grinned proudly.

"Oh and over here is the coolest guy you will ever meet, well over than me of course" He stated dragging me over to the coffee shop playfully. A guy with light blonde hair and brown eyes looked up at us in confusion, he took out one of his earbuds and looked up with what the hell do you want do you want kind of look.

My face became red with embarrassment and I looked back at Evander who was grinning like a fool. "Layla meet my cousin dash roommate Jason" He explained. I looked back and forth between the two, but I couldn't seem to find any resemblance between them. Jason was short from what I could tell, or at least had short legs considering his feet were not touching the ground from the low rested seat he was in. His features were also much more intimidating, unlike Evander's which seemed to just welcome you in.

"Also the guy you owe a hundred bucks too" Jason snapped glaring at Evander in a non family loving kind of way. Evan backed up a step and a slight frown crept onto his lips.

"Lets go get some coffee" He asked motioning over toward the non existent line. As we walked away Jason rolled his eyes and put back in his other earbud as if it was the most important thing in the world.

"One coffee Dark and the special of the day for this pretty Lady" Evander ordered. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a group of big, rough looking guys come into the shop then sat at Jason's table. They seemed to have a heated conversation before Jason pointed over at us.

"Evander, I think we should go"  I said pulling on his shirt, but he was too busy looking at his phone. Goosebumps on my arms began to rise, I could feel someone eyes watching me. I turned slightly to see harsh baby blue eyes meet mine, a color I never thought was possible before somewhat ruff but then gentle. We both kept the eye contact for what seemed like forever until Evander snapped in front of my face.

"Layla, earth to Layla" He chided, laughing when he finally caught my attention. "Did you have fun on the moon Princess?" He laughed "Here I got you a Latte, we can drink and walk if you want to" he asked handing my an overly hot coffee. It had pink swirls all around it and was brightly colored yellow. yuck I grimaced.

"Sure, thanks" I replied following behind him. I snuck a peak at the baby blue eyed guy before walking out. He had honey blonde hair and seemed athletic maybe even more so than Evander. He seemed to fell my gaze upon him and turned around. He smirked up at me, and gave my a wink. I turned around following Evander, blushing terribly.

"Hey what took you so long lazy butt?" Evan asked punching me in the shoulder jokily   

"Nothing just got a bity distracted" I replied shaking off the odd feeling.

Evan looked back from where I just came from with an annoyed look, before grinning like a fool. It was almost concerning how his emotions seemed to change so fast, almost  unhealthy.  "I'm going to walk you home" He announced wrapping a protective arm around my shoulder. "Wooden Lane right?"

"Yep, right by the empty parking lot" I replied How does he know where I live already creepy.

"Then lets get going my lady" He said in a British accent leading me down a dirt path which he claimed was a short cut.

---  ---

"You realize some people may consider you a flirt" I laughed off his last feeble attempt to hit on me. Somehow sweaters and boyfriend material don't make the best pick up line.

"Hey that one was pretty good" He said pretending to be hurt by my comment. "Layla you really hurt my feeling I don't know how I could even forgive you" He fake cried.We both broke off into fits of giggles, laughing until our stomachs could take no more.

My large house was now in sight, I guess that windy path was really a short cut who would of known. "Well this is me" I blurted awkwardly leaning against the door frame.

Evander let out a chuckle "Have a nice night Layla" He called out before walking back a different way from where we came. His tall figure slowly faded out into the darkness.


"Goodnight Evander" I whispered, before shutting the door Goodnight 



Chapter 3 finished and semi edited!!! I am honestly loving writing this story, I have to admit it is my favorite out of all of my other ones right now.


​Anyway this story will be updated one or more times a day, I'm going to try to finish before the contest is over! I f everyone could like and favorite this story it would mean a lot thanks!











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