She wanted to leave all of her problems behind and just run away. But sometimes what you try to run away from follows you.

Layla ran away and didn't look back, a new small town, hot guys and clean slate seem to be just what she needed. But when the camera flashes and the mysterious feeling that someone is always watching her suddenly appears again. Is this new town her escape or a stalker nightmare come to life.

-Pretty Little Liars Competition-


2. Chapter 2

The cool sea mist air flies in through my open window, my Golden hair gets pushed back from the strong current. Here at last​. It had only taken three days of driving but I was here, Atlanta and all of it's problems were behind me. No more drama, no more problems, I have a completely new slate to make up for myself.

I giggle as the song Run Away With Me comes on, that's quite a consequence. I hum the melody as I pull down the drive to my new house. It was on the outskirts of town, completely surrounded by trees except for a parking lot around the back which seemed to be abounded. Far off enough that no one could bother me, no one to ask questions about me.

I parked my small silver car, and popped the trunk. I only had a couple boxes to unload since I didn't have a lot I wanted to bring here one of the perks of leaving so quickly. I grab one of the smaller boxes and bring the keys to unlock the door. ​​Wow. It was bigger than I thought it was going to be, but then again anything compared to my apartment was giant.  It had ceilings that I probably couldn't even touch if I was standing on a chair, and the whole house was painted with lively bright colors which matched the beach town perfectly. This was home.

---- ---- --- ---

​It had only taken about two hours to bring everything in and unpack, everything was basically ready considering the house was sold semi furnished. My stomach let out a giant rumble I guess I'm hungry then. I hadn't eaten since yesterday and food was one of the important things I had forgot to bring Good job Layla.

I guess I always could go down to the supermarket I should get  to know the town anyways. I slipped back on my leather boots in the foyer, while grabbing a rain jacket in the process. I locked the front door behind me and went to my car. Now where can I find a super market.  

I drove for at least an half and hour until I found the closest thing that resembled food, Harper's Dinner open 24 hours.​ Not a supermarket but it will due for now.  I parked in the busy parking lot, Gosh was the whole entire town here. The bell rang as I walked in, and the few people surrounding me stopped and just watched as me and my squeaky shoes walked to the hostess counter. Did I do something wrong why was everyone watching me.

The hostess turned around and squealed "Oh my gosh, you're the new girl who moved in on Wooden Lane right?" She questioned with a giant grin on her face. The smile made the corner of her eyes wrinkle a bit, showing her age is older than you would expect.

"Yep that's me" I answered cautiously. I could now feel nearly everyone in the room eyeing me up now. I guess they don't get now people here that often. 

 "well let me get you a seat honey, I'm sure you're starving right?" She asked but was already gone before I could answer. I sat down in the booth she had motioned to earlier on and picked up the menu scanning it quickly. It was a bit overwhelming, there could of been a hundred options on just that one page.

"I recommend the Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes" A voice said from across from me.

I looked up to see a very handsome guy who could be compared to an Abercrombie model now sitting across from me. He had a chiseled face with sharp cheekbones, but soft feathery light brown hair calmed down his striking appearance. I raised an eyebrow at him in confusion did he not know this booth was taken.

​"The menu, it's a bit much right" He asked seeming to know my previous thought.

"It is, just a bit" I answered biting my lip in nervousness. A bad habit which I've had ever since I was young.

He nodded his head in understanding before calling out "Rosa can we get a real menu over here?"

The Hostess who helped me earlier rolled her eyes and walked over and handed me a single sheet of laminated paper. I looked down confused, it was a menu but only with five or six options.

"They like to give out the exclusive menu to new people or tourists, they claim it makes the Dinner look fancier" He exclaimed. Using quotation marks with his finer when he said exclusive.

For the first time in months I laughed "Really, do people actually believe that"

He shrugged matching my smile,  "I'm Evander but most people call me Evan" He held out his hand. I noticed his striking Dark green eyes which stuck out against the rest of his appearance.

"I'm Layla" I shook his hand

"Well Layla welcome to Bridgetown"





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