Styles x4 (new)

Hey guys this is a rewrite of my previous story by the same name. I just lost track and thought it was really badly written and I wanted to just start over.

Hey. I'm chloe styles. Younger sister of the styles triplets, harry, marcel, and Edward. We have no parents as they died when I was 2 and the boys were 4. We had this person who used to care for us but she left when the boys turned 18 earlier this year. So it's just us. Welcome to my life of boys. Fun.


4. Chapter 4

Chloe's pov:

After we finish breakfast, Edward turns round and smiles before announcing his mates are over today. Great. I huff and throw everyone's rubbish away. I don't like Ed's friends and you'll find out why. As I walk back into the front room Ed'd on the phone to some one and Harry's gone back to sleep. Marcel is practically hugging the remote as he watches mathletes on the tv. I roll my eyes and go upstairs to get in the shower.

As I walk into my room, I turn my music on, and Nancy Mulligan belts out. I smile and began dancing as I pick out black high waisted shorts, a grey cropped jumper and white converse. I get dressed and begin brushing my unruly brown, curly hair. As I'm taming the monster on my hair I begin belting along to eds amaziiing voice.


As I flick my now tame hair to the side, Harry knocks on the door telling me Ed has asked for my music to be turned down. I roll my eyes and do as I'm told and watch both harry and marcel retreat to their rooms and close their doors. That means Eds friends are here. The boys tend to hide away almost when eds friends are around as they're in the biggest gang of the city and not people you mess with. I'm the only one who still prances around the house because it's my house, and they don't rule me here.

I skip downstairs and see ed in the kitchen. I skip through and open the cupboard. I go up on my tip toes and try to reach the very last glass on the top shelf and fail. I hear a deep chuckle behind me before an arm reaches up and grabs the glass.

I spin round to see I dark figure with his jet black hair in a quiff, and his eyebrow cocked.

"Nice ass doll"

I roll my eyes and snatch the glass from his hand before turning to the sink and filling it with water. I feel two hands grab my waist and turn me round while I'm drinking. I look up at his stupid smirk and put the glass on the side before ducking under his arm and walking to ed and hugging his waist. He pats my back and I smile sweetly at the pissed off figure who is still by the sink. He sits down at the head of the table and begins talking to the rest of the gang about someone who's been 'doing things they shouldn't be'. Oh wait. I forgot to say. That's Zayn, the head of Eds gang. Anyway, so Zayn is talking about this guy or whatever when ed creeps round the table towards me and whispers in my ear "I don't want you near Zayn"

I look up at him with a smirk "but why? He such a sweet guy" I say with a small laugh.

He gives me the evil eyes and almost growls at me "you're not funny. I mean it. I've said no, so that means no, got?"

I raise my eyebrow at him before walking straight over to Zayn, move his arm and sit on his lap, with an innocent face as if nothing happened. Zayn looked at me with a bit of a puzzled look before snaking his arm round my waist and continuing with his discussion. I look over at ed with the most innocent smile I could muster to see clenching his fists and breathing deeply with his eyes locked on me. Oh well it's his fault. He knows I'm not one to be bossed around and he sure as hell isnt the boss of me.

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