Styles x4 (new)

Hey guys this is a rewrite of my previous story by the same name. I just lost track and thought it was really badly written and I wanted to just start over.

Hey. I'm chloe styles. Younger sister of the styles triplets, harry, marcel, and Edward. We have no parents as they died when I was 2 and the boys were 4. We had this person who used to care for us but she left when the boys turned 18 earlier this year. So it's just us. Welcome to my life of boys. Fun.


3. Chapter 3

Chloe's pov

I woke in my room and wondered when I got here. Today's Saturday so no school which is great. I walked downstairs to see No one. I look at the clock and it's 9:00 am. So they're all asleep. I plonk down on the sofa and turn the tv on. As I'm getting into a new episode of adventure time I hear someone messing around with the door handle.

I hear it click open and I jump up. Some one must have forgotten to lock it. Shit. Shit. What do I do. I grab the remote and start screaming for Harry and Edward. I hear the door open and there's a thud upstairs.

The door slams shut as Harry practically falls down the stairs.

"What, what!?! What's wrong?" He screams at me and I take a minute to process.

I point to the door general direction if the door and Harry spins round and then looks at me with a 'are you serious?' Look. I walk out to the front door slowly and stand behind Harry to see a confused Edward standing there. Harry looks at me and gives me the evil eyes before chucking himself on the sofa. Marcel comes down as though nothing even happened and sits in the front room. I look at Edward with a small smile and he begins laughing at what just happened.

I give him dirty look and he crouched to my level "aww baby did I scare you?" He says in a baby voice.

I pout and he ruffles my hair up and goes into the front room laughing. I hate when he does that. I try to fix my hair a little before joining everyone in the front room.

Edward begins chucking McDonald's breakfast meals at everyone. I smile as big as I can and hug him kissing his cheek.

"Thank you, thank you" I say before digging in.

Okay, maybe my brothers not sooo bad.

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