Styles x4 (new)

Hey guys this is a rewrite of my previous story by the same name. I just lost track and thought it was really badly written and I wanted to just start over.

Hey. I'm chloe styles. Younger sister of the styles triplets, harry, marcel, and Edward. We have no parents as they died when I was 2 and the boys were 4. We had this person who used to care for us but she left when the boys turned 18 earlier this year. So it's just us. Welcome to my life of boys. Fun.


1. Chapter 1

Chloes POV

I wake up to the sound of Harry saying my name in a bored, drone like voice and decide it's a good idea to not let him know I'm awake yet.

"Chloe please get up. Chloe. Chloe. I'm getting bored now. Did you just blink? Chloe? Chloe you just blinked didn't you. Chloe."

I then feel the bed straighten out meaning he's left. I roll around abit and pull the cover back over me and just as I begin to drift off

"Good morning baby sister" I could practically hear the smirk in his voice as he poured the water over me. I shot out of bed as the devil stood there laughing at me shivering and looking at my bed as though it was the funeral for it. I have Harry the coldest look I could muster and stomped to the bathroom to jump in the hot shower.

When I got out I ran back to my room and chucked on black ripped jeans, and white crop top and a red checked shirt over the top. I grabbed my white Allstate and jogged downstairs with my towel on my head. I plonked two crumpets in the toaster and put the Nutella next to it before going into the front room to brush my curly blonde hair. I tossed it to the side and ruffled it before smiling in the mirror and spreading the chocolate on my crumpets and wolfed them down.

I ran back upstairs and brushed my teeth before grabbing my bag and phone and skipped downstairs to wait patiently at the door, before Edward walked over solemnly and kissed my head before collapsing on the sofa in the front room. Marcel also kissed my head and went into the kitchen. Now it's just Harry.

(5 minutes later)

I call up the stairs for the 6th time to receive the same answer. I roll my eyes and check the time before Harry jogs downstairs in black jeans and a white Tshirt.

"Finally" I smile as he rolls his eyes at me and grabs his keys before strolling out the door with me following him. We get in the white Range Rover and head to school. Harry drops me off every morning which other people think is really nice, but I find it annoying. I mean, don't get me wrong it's much better than getting the bus, but he only takes me because he's overprotective of me. They all are. Annoying.

We pull up to school and I kiss Harry's cheek before running up to the front doors and head to my locker. It's the first day back and everyone is excited for some reason. I walk over to my locker to see the usual group of people. I push through the usual "oh hey chloe haven't see you in ages!" "Oh chloe you look really good today" "hey chloe how are you?" I roll my eyes and pretend not to hear them. Don't take this wrong I'm not a bitch or anything, but the only reason they 'like' me is because of my brothers. Harry the heartthrob, Edward the bad boy, and Marcel, the smartest kid this school has ever known.

I look over at the wall opposite and see a poster that people are crowded around. I can't see it so I turn to my left and see Marie standing there. "Hey Marie, what's the poster?" She looks up at me with complete shock, probably because I've never spoke to her before. She pushes up her glasses and bites her lip replying "umm I think I-it's about th-the p-prom at the end of th-the year" I make an 'o' shape with my mouth and nod my head before walking away from her and to my first class. Math.

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