Styles x4 (new)

Hey guys this is a rewrite of my previous story by the same name. I just lost track and thought it was really badly written and I wanted to just start over.

Hey. I'm chloe styles. Younger sister of the styles triplets, harry, marcel, and Edward. We have no parents as they died when I was 2 and the boys were 4. We had this person who used to care for us but she left when the boys turned 18 earlier this year. So it's just us. Welcome to my life of boys. Fun.


2. Capter 2

Chloe's pov

I walked into maths and mr Johnson smiled as I took my seat at the back next to Riley Cooper. He smirked at me as I sat down and I raised one eyebrow at him before looking at the front with a smirk. He smiled at the floor before looking at me again. "Hey um chloe?" I looked round to see him smiling awkwardly at me "yes?" I asked he smiled at the floor before saying "you're really pretty" i laughed to myself before thanking him. The rest of the lesson was spent with Riley smiling at me and a whole lot of maths. Obviously. The rest of the day was a bore too.

(End of the day)

I walked out of the gates towards the car park and saw the white Range Rover parked in the usually spot. I ran up and hopped in kissing Harry on the cheek. He smiled at me and asked how my day was and I told him about Riley and what I had for lunch and that it was boring really. I looked up at him and he had this weird look on his face. I gave him a puzzled look and he gave me a strange smile. "Ooh Riiilllleeyyyyy" he smirked in a terrible girls voice. I rolled my eyes at his immaturity before laughing with him. We set off home with him being his annoying self the whole way there.

When we got home I walked in to the kitchen to see Marcel cooking dinner, he always does. I ran up behind him and kissed his cheek whilst hugging his waist. He smiled at me and kissed my nose. I smiled back before running in the front room and jumping on Edward sprawled out on the sofa.

"Owww chloe you're lucky I love you" he groaned.

I fake pouted and mocked him saying "aww poor baby let me kiss it better" before smothering his face with kisses while he moaned at me to get off.

I laughed and lay my head on his chest and he rested his arm over me."How was your day?" He smiled at me.

I was about to answer when Harry came in singing "she's got a boyfriend, and he's named Riley, and she really loves him, la la la la la la" I gave him the death glare as Edward sat up and raised his eyebrow.

"You have a what?" I looked at him and rolled my eyes.

"Nothing. I have a nothing. Harry has convinced himself I'm dating this guy because he smiled at me in maths. That's it."

He cocked his eyebrow and smirked at me "good." He said "because I don't really feel up to breaking kneecaps right now"

I gasped and hit chest "Ed! You can't say that!"

He laughed at my pathetic attempt at hurting him before replying darkly "why not? It's what I'd do, or at least, it's what I tell you I'd do"

I gave him a confused look before letting out slowly "what does that mean?" It was almost a whisper but he heard it.

"It means I would do a lot more, but don't worry about that princess" he said mockingly, before ruffling my hair up and pushing me off his lap, so he could go upstairs. And as I sat there on the floor I could help but wonder, how far would my brother actually go?

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