The Window (Tyler Joseph Fanfiction)

Trigger Warning!! Mentions of abuse, suicide, and self harm!


2. Chapter 2

I woke up to the sound of my bedroom door slamming against the wall next to it. I ripped my head off my arms and looked at my dad who was stood in my doorway looking angry. 

"Get up and go to school!" he shouted walking closer to me steeping into my bedroom. I scrambled to my feet and nodded.

"O-okay-I-" I was cut off my him smacking me across the face. I fell to the floor and held the side of my face where I felt a stinging, burning sensation. He then abruptly left my bedroom slamming the door behind him. I ran into my bathroom to see my red cheek and bloody lip. I got out my makeup which I didn't wear often. I focused most of it on the bruise that was starting to form. I put on foundation, concealer, and eyeliner with mascara. I walked back into the larger portion of my room. I I walked to my closet and grabbed a pair of jeans and an old Guns N' Roses cropped tee shirt. I took off the fuzzy pajamas I had on previously and went to my underwear drawer. I slipped off my old ones and pulled on a new pair. I stuck my foot into the top of my old tattered black skinny jeans and pulled them up to about my knee before I was able to put my other foot into the other pant leg. I pulled them up as far as I could before jumping up while I quickly pulled the jeans up over my thighs. I pulled them over my small hips and buttoned and zipped the top. I took off the giant sweatshirt I wore to bed. I went to the same drawer and grabbed a red and black lacy bra. I put the cup part behind my back and clipped it before turning it so the cups were now at my stomach. I pulled it up to cover my chest and slipped my arms into the straps. I straightened everything out and turned around and saw and boy standing in Tyler's room staring at me. It wasn't Tyler though. My eyes widened in fear. I quickly tromped over to the window and shut the curtain. I turned my back to the window. I went to my bed where I had set my shirt. I put my arms through the arm holes and slid them up to my shoulders before grabbing hold of the back part and slipped it over my head. I pulled the front down over my hips. I went to fix the back too. As I felt a slight breeze on my back I remembered it had a cut on the back. It was against the dress code at school to wear something like that but I don't care. I pulled out two sock that were not the same. One was black and the other red. I slipped them onto my feet and slid my reed high top converse shoes onto my feet pulling the laces to ensure they would stay on my feet. I twisted and turned the laces until the shoes were both tied. I stood and caught a glance of myself in my mirror. I went to my bedside table and get the brush that sat there. I ran it through my shoulder length bleached hair. I parted it to the side and made sure my long bangs covered as much of my face as possible. I opened the curtain at my window again and saw Tyler getting ready too. He was fixing his shirt which I'm guess he just put on. I saw him look my way and he smiled as he saw me staring. I blushed and looked down, but then back up to hi chocolate eyes. I turned when I heard my dad open the door.

"I'm leaving!" he yelled. I just nodded and he left. Not before he looked me up and down. I grabbed my phone off it's charger and I put it in my backpack along with my homework that I didn't have time to finish. I grabbed my jacket and car keys. I walked out of my bedroom and closed the door. I ran down the stairs and out the front door. Tyler ran from his front door and watched as the bus drove past his house. He dropped his bag onto the round and groaned. I went over the the fence. 

"Hey! Need a ride?" I asked him as he looked at with worry and gratitude. He nodded and I gestured for him to get into my car. He ran around the fence and jumped into the passenger seat and I put the key and turned it hear the engine roar to life. I drove us to school and he jumped out of the car and thanked me before we went our different classes. I didn't have any classes with him unless you count lunch. On the way back home, Tyler made the bus, I stopped by Starbucks. I got an iced coffee and drove the rest of the way home. I walked through the front door and set my keys on the table. I turned around and shut the door before turning back around and starting into the living room. As soon as I sat down on the couch my dad grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled me up to my feet. He dragged me to the kitchen and stopped my in front of the sink. 

"Why didn't you wash the f*cking dishes like i asked you?!" he yelled in my ear. 

"Because I would've been late to school." I said quietly. He grabbed my drink from the living room where I had set it. He took off the cap and poured it over my head. I squirmed as it stuck the acne that I had on my back. It stung my eyes as it slowly dripped down over my head. He pushed me towards the stairs and I ran up them into my bedroom where I threw off my shirt and wiped off my face with it. I threw it onto the floor and grabbed a towel from my bathroom and wiped off my head and back. I was stick everywhere now. I wiped the tears I didn't know I had let escape. I walked into my bathroom and took off the rest of my coffee soaked clothes. I threw them in a messy heap on the floor. I stepped into the shower and turned on the water letting it run over my body. I just stood there for a few moments just letting the water wash away the pain. It didn't really work. I got some shampoo in my hand and ran it through my hair until my hair was evenly filled with soapy bubbles. I rinsed out all of the suds from the wet mop I have for hair. I got some conditioner and ran it into the ends of my hair. I got a cloth and put some body wash on it and began wiping all of the coffee away and when I was done I rinsed that off alone with the product still in my hair. Once I was finished with that I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my head and got a second to dry myself off. I warped it around my body once I was done and went into the larger part of the room. I got a new set of clothing. I made sure to shut the curtain this time. I put the fresh clothes on and went to sit on my bed. I held my head in my hands. I let the tears fall into my lap. I was full on sobbing my the time I heard Tyler's voice.

"Hey, are you...are you okay?" He asked cautiously. 

"Hmm? Yeah, I'm fine." I said wiping my tears away and looking up at Tyler. His eyes widened.

"Whoa where did you get the bruise?" Tyler asked looking closer at me by squinting his eyes. 

"I uhhh...I fell, when I was going up the stairs today...hit my head against the railing." I lightly tapped my forehead pretending to laugh and my own made up fails. Tyler just looked at me knowing i was lying. 

"Okay, okay somebody slapped me in the face." I gave up and told him the truth...well...most of it. He couldn't know. He shouldn't know. He won't know.

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