The Window (Tyler Joseph Fanfiction)

Trigger Warning!! Mentions of abuse, suicide, and self harm!


1. Chapter 1

I was sitting in my room, at me desk, studying when all the sudden I heard a loud noise from next door. My mom told me people were moving in but I didn't think it would be so soon. Or loud. I opened my curtain and looked into the room across the alley. I saw a tall boy with short brown hair and brown eyes. He saw me. I closed the curtain in a hurry. He was kinda cute though. 

"Julia!" my mother called from downstairs. I quickly ran down the stairs almost falling but I caught myself. 

"Yes mother?" I asked with a groan.

"Here, take this over to the new neighbors." She said handing me a pie that looked like apple. I rolled my eyes and set it on the table by the door as I grabbed my shoes. I sat on the floor in front of the door and slipped on the shoes tying them quickly. I stood back up and grabbed the pie opening the front door. I stepped out into the air and slammed the door behind me. I walked with my head down to the house a few yards away from my own. I saw the truck pull away. Wow, that was quick. I walked up into the porch and closed my hand into a fist. I hovered it over the door. I knocked quickly just to get it over with. I stood there for a few moments waiting for the door to be opened. It was whisked open by the boy I had say from my bedroom. My eyes widened in fear. 

"M-my mom wants you to have this," I shoved the pie into his hands and looked down at my feet which I had together perfectly. "welcome to the neighborhood." I said as quickly as I could and turned to walk away.

"I'm the way..." the boy said. Oh my great god, his voice was like butter in a hot pan. I turned back around and finally gained the courage to look up into his eyes. Holy crap! They were like two big cups of coffee in his head! 

"I'm Julia..." I sputtered out nervously. He smiled. Perfect. His teeth were slightly crooked but it was perfect. Was there any flaw about this boy? 

"That's a beautiful suits you as a beautiful girl." He looked at his feet. I hid my face behind my hair as I looked down hiding my burning face. I noticed we were both wearing black vans sneakers. 

"I like your shoes..." I pointed at his feet and he looked at mine. 

"We're wearing the same shoes..." he laughed. I melted! His laugh was like the sound of an angel. I felt as if my insides were playing tag and my stomach was losing. 

"Tyler, honey Who's at the door?" I'm guessing his mother called to him. 

"The neighbor! She brought pie..." he trailed off as me looked deep into my eyes. Tyler's mother walked around the corner and looked at me but I couldn't see her expression because I was lost in the chocolate beads planted perfectly in Tyler's on either side of his pixie like nose. 

"Julia! Your father wants you!" I hear my mom call. I tore my gaze away from Tyler's and turned around quickly. I started running down the path. I heard something drop from my pocket but I had to get home. 

"Wait! You dropped something!" I hear Tyler shout after me, but I kept running. I got to my house in about 5 seconds and as soon as I opened the door my father was shouting at me. I just kept my head down and took the shouting. He grabbed my wrist tightly and yanked me up the stairs and threw me into my bedroom. I landed on the floor in a heap. He slammed the door and I threw myself back against my bed in fear. He yelled at me through the door.

"You're such a useless piece of-" That's when I tuned him out and tried to control my sobs. The screaming finally tore itself off of me and directed itself at my mother.

"You know what Robert?! I'm done with all of your bullshi-" That's when I heard a door slam. I'm guessing the front door. 

"Good! Don't even think about coming back!" my father yelled at my mother who I'm guessing left. 

I sat in my bedroom looking out the window at the ground. The trash cans, the old cat that lives down there, the dead plants. I suddenly heard a tap on my window. I jolted my head over and saw Tyler with a few pebbles in his hand. He threw another one and it bounced off my window and feel down to the ground. I opened my window and shouted for him to stop.

"Hey! Knock it off, you're gonna break my window!" I yelled as if he needed me to scream to hear me. He just grinned.

"Tell me about yourself!" he said with a grin. 

"There's not much to tell..." I said looking into the distance at nothing in particular. 

"You seem pretty interesting to me..." He said to me. I felt at if his eyes would burn a hole through the side of my head if he stared at me any harder.

"The only interesting thing about me is my thoughts..." I told him but I didn't really want to get into that. He looked at me confused.

"Well...okay. I'll go first. My name is Tyler Robert Joseph, I play basket ball, I like singing, and my best friends name is Josh." He said nodding. I looked over at him. He was wearing a flowery type flowly thingy. Under it was just a black tee shirt. 

"I mean, I love to draw, and write, and sing, and..." I sighed. "I do track..." I mentioned. "I'm pretty good actually." Tyler looked impressed. We just went on like this all night. We laughed. Shared stories I wouldn't even like to think about. I think I'm going to like this. 

"I think I'm going to like it here." Tyler muttered to himself as I started falling asleep as it was early morning and the sun was beginning to rise. He slid his window closed and I heard a few doors slam, and some yelling. It was all nice things though. How weird. That's when I must've fell asleep because that's all I can remember.  I just know, Tyler is going to be my best friend...I can feel it...

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