Broken Mind

Aubrianne McCoy is an outcast, but when she gets in a car crash with her science teacher, Mr. Cartwright, she is all kids can talk about. But she faces more troubles besides her injuries. Will Bri break down, or will she face her troubles and move on?


9. Chapter 9

"Hello, Broken Mind," Candice said, snearlingly. "Have you seen Broken Heart lately?"

"Broken Heart? Who the hell is Broken Heart?" I had no idea who she was talking about.

"Oh. You didn't hear from Mr. Cartwright, huh?"

"Hear what, Candice?"

"Aurora has heart cancer. I thought you would know, considering she's your best friend. Or, was at least."

I totally freaked out. Why Dad didn't tell me, I had no idea. Then, I thought for a second. She called me Broken Mind. How did she find out? I wondered to myself.

"Wait," I started. "How do you know "situation"?"

"Your father taught a lesson to all of the classes, and then after the lesson he explained everything to us."

We stood there in silence, Candice snickering at me. Why is she such a bitch?!! After about a minute of just standing there, I went to the washroom to clean my dirty clothes.

Broken Heart, I thought to myself. Broken Heart? But heart cancer is super rare! Less than 0.00001% of the world gets heart cancer a year. How is this possible?


Aurora McCarty: one of my best friend who would make a great lawyer. She loves twisting our words so they really mean the opposite of what we mean. It's very irritating, but you get used to it after a while.

She never had any problems with her heart before. Well, except once.

Aurora, Milly, Sally and I were watching a basketball game to support one of our friends, Melanie Mendes. She was practically the star of our school's basketball team.

Earlier that day, Aurora was complaining about chest pains and heartburn. We just thought that it was acid reflux.

We didn't realize that she was sweating until halfway through the game. This was odd, because she was shivering. Cold sweat? Is that even possible?

Just seconds before the game ended, Aurora clutched her chest. What was happening was unimaginable: she was having a heart attack.

One of the referees noticed and immediatlety came over after the game ended. He asked what was going on and her medical history, as far as we knew. Then, he went to call 911.

Being Aurora's sister, Milly was very concerned. Well, adoptive sister. When Aurora's parents died in plane bombing, the Hicks family adopted her. Although she had two brothers, Kyle and Andrew, they both lived all the way out in California.

By the time paramedics got to the gymnasium, Aurora was unconscious. I didn't realize until they got there.

"She's not breathing," Sally exclaimed. "And CPR isn't working. I think she's going into cardiac arrest!"

Immediately, one of the paramedics got down on their knees and tried CPR. A woman ran out with a defibrillator. They had to shock Aurora three times before her heart restarted. When she woke up, she looked very weak. Like, unbelievably weak.

This incident happened just weeks before May 23, the day of the car crash.


I came back upstairs with my clean clothes in hand. I set them on my side table. I saw that Candice was already in her bed, snoring away. It was only 6:44, but I didn't mind one bit.

I knew that the offices were open until 7:30, so I walked over there to try to get a better roommate. That night, Candice was kicked out of the room and replaced with Savannah. That was a relief.

"I'm glad that I'm in here with you instead of this one girl," Savannah blurted. "This other girl named Jasmine was super annoying. She wouldn't stop talking about her social media fame and whatever."

Yeah, remember when I said she could hold a grudge? Well, Savannah held a grudge to Jasmine until the day she died.

"I'm glad you stopped by the offices after I got there," she continued. "If you were there before I did, who knows who I would have to be put up with?"

I laughed a little and so did she. After a moment, Savannah broke the silence.

"So, how have you been holding up these days?"

"Jeez, Savannah, it's only been two months!"

"I know, but I haven't seen you in that time! All I know about you currently is that Mr. Cartwright adopted you, you were in a car crash with him and you were diagnosed with-"

She stopped right there. She thought that it was a sensitive topic for me, and it was. She was right not to say "brain cancer", because I would've started to become a big pile of emotions. Maybe I did need those pills...

"It hasn't been great," I replied. "I always get headaches and I think about my family a lot. But, I have music to help me out. Playing the guitar helps sometimes..."

After a second, Savannah pulled me into a hug. She felt sympathy for me, unlike anyone else. I could've sworn I heard her kiss my shoulder, but with my tumor I could've been hearing things. She gave a reassuring smile, and went to bed.

I picked up my phone and I had three messages from Dad.

-I have some news

The messages were from an hour ago. I replied back as quickly as I could.

I'm here-
What's up?-

-Just got news from the doctor an hour ago
-The cancer is treatable
-But there is about a 40% chance that we're too late...

I was mind blown. Almost literally, because the stress gave me the biggest headache! I felt as if it this was a dream. I replied to him.

So, what does this mean?-
What do we do now?-

-This is your choice now
-You can live a normal life, but you will only live for about three and a half more months
-Or you can start chemo/radiation and could live longer, and maybe be cured
-It's up to you...

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