Broken Mind

Aubrianne McCoy is an outcast, but when she gets in a car crash with her science teacher, Mr. Cartwright, she is all kids can talk about. But she faces more troubles besides her injuries. Will Bri break down, or will she face her troubles and move on?


7. Chapter 7

I grabbed the belt, tied it around the clothes hanger and put my head through the loop. I kept saying to myself was Do it, do it, do it! All I had to do was drop down to the floor, and it would've been all over.

But, I couldn't. There was something in me saying I shouldn't do it. Maybe there was something that couldn't be done without me. But I was on the verge of dying, so what was there to still be done?

Dad walked in, holding a plate of chicken and fries. He was stunned when he saw me like this. He set the plate on my bedside table, and then he ran to my side.

He got me out of my homemade noose. I started to cry again, sliding on the wall to the ground. He dropped down next to me.

"Aubrianne, is there anything else I can do for you?" Dad asked. "This is a rough patch in your life, and I understand that. I just want to help you."

I couldn't help but think of Braydon. He would always help me out, no matter what. Even if he was in pain, he would care for me. I loved that. I also couldn't help but think about Sally.


Sally Everdeen: the sweetest and most favorable girl in the whole school. Everyone, and I mean everyone, loved Sally. She always gave out free hugs and was always open to talk about problems. She was just perfect.

But, she always had boy problems. And I mean always. Almost every other week, she would tell me about a new boy she had a crush on. The crushes only lasted two weeks tops.

But, she wasn't the only one who had boy problems. I did, too. She knew I was dating Wyatt, but she didn't find out we broke up until a week later.

We were sitting at lunch, as always, but I was acting depressed. I didn't eat a lot, I didn't do well on homework assignments, and I was very quiet. I just couldn't stop thinking about Wyatt.

"Bri," Sally blurted. "Are you alright?"

I shook my head.

"Did he break up with you?" she asked.

I nodded, and she came over and hugged me. She gave me a slip of paper, telling me that I could call her anytime, no matter what.

I did end up calling her, exactly six hours and fifty-two minutes after she gave me her number. I asked her what to do.

"Try to find someone else," she suggested, but not totally reassuring. "Why not Indigo Simpson?"

"He's a douche," I replied.

"Okay, how about Carl Kay?"

"...he could work."

This was six days before I officially met Braydon. Of course, things didn't work out with Carl. Sally never asked him for me, even though I did it for her with Nathan Barham and Terrance Campbell and Samuel Abelli. I didn't mind it much.


"Dad," I started. "I want to go see Braydon."

The next day, Dad took me to the Pilgrim Psychiatric Center. After about an hour of waiting, I was able to see him.

I was worried. Will he even recognize me? Of course not! If he couldn't recognize Mr. Cartwright, he couldn't recognize me!

I walked into the room. There was white padding on the walls, ceiling and floor. There was a mirror on the wall.

And then there was Braydon, in the corner of the room. He was in a straitjacket, which bothered me even more. He then spoke.

"Bri," he whispered. "It's you." He started to twitch a little bit.

"Wha-How-" I couldn't find my words.

"You're the only person I recognize," he said. "Everyone else is a stranger to me."

I was in total shock. How is this possible? He only recognizes me?!! I calmed down and sat next to him.

Yeah, it was a risk. But I trusted him. He was my boyfriend.

He told me everything that he remembered. The first thing he could remember was catching me when I fell. Every memory he had was ones of me, and I thought it was sweet as hell is evil.

Even though I was all he could remember, I felt bad for him. What about those good memories of basketball or beating up Wyatt? What about his birthdays or Christmases or anything else but me? I was very concerned.

We talked for a few hours, mostly about helping him remember. I had no clue how I would help him. The topic was unapproachable. Impossible.

I had to leave because I wanted to visit my family at the grave site. I hadn't seen them for over two months. I had to pay my respects to them, anyways.

It took about 28 minutes to get there, since we stopped by Boo's Floral Design Inc. for some white roses. When we got there, I was baffled by how many graves there were. There were at least 15,000 graves!

Since there were about 140 people who attended the reunion, we had to bring about 150 just in case we wanted to but some down for Dad's family.

I went and talked to each grave, one by one, from my parents to Aunt and Uncle Kanashimi to Grandma and Grandpa McCoy. It took about three hours to get to everyone.

"Dad, I'm done if you-"

I stopped. I saw him, kneeling at a grave. I walked over to him, and read the engraving:

Gayle Jared Cartwright
Date of Birth:
Aug. 16, 1987
Date of Death:
Sept. 9, 2010

I put my hand in his shoulder, feeling very sorry for him. I assumed it was his brother, because the man was 23 the day he died. I started to hear Dad cry.

"He died in a plane crash," he said. "I hadn't spoken to him for almost a year before he died. I regret it now."

I knelt down next to him and let him cry on my shoulder. We sat there for about ten minutes, letting Dad cry on my shoulder and letting him pay his respects.

We didn't talk for the whole car ride back, not did we talk at home. It was 5:52 and I was finishing my dinner of pasta salad. Dad was sitting across from me. He finally spoke.

"So, about before...Gayle was-"

"-your brother, right?" I blurted.

"...yeah, he was," he replied. "He was my only brother, too. He was so kind to me and others. I wish it was me."

"Don't say that!" I exclaimed. "You have so much to live for, and you're a teacher. What did he do? What life did he live?"

"He was a Wal-Mart manager and he had a wife and a child."

"See, he already had those things. But you, you haven't. One day, you will find the person of your dreams. I promise."

The next morning, I went to get breakfast. I wanted to get some cereal. I walked in the room, but I couldn't see very well.

I tried getting to the cabinet, but I heard a soft voice. "Bri." That was all it said. "Bri."

I looked around and I saw a figure, sitting on the ground in front of the fridge. It was Dad.

He was slouched against the refrigerator, and looked weak. I then saw his bloody wrists, and realized what he had done.

"Dad," I said. "Why?"

"Same reason as you," he replied. "I don't want to suffer anymore."

He then went limp and passed out. I immediately called 911.

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