Broken Mind

Aubrianne McCoy is an outcast, but when she gets in a car crash with her science teacher, Mr. Cartwright, she is all kids can talk about. But she faces more troubles besides her injuries. Will Bri break down, or will she face her troubles and move on?


5. Chapter 5

I started crying again. Just seconds after the cuts, Mr. Cartwright came bursting in. He came next to me and took the scalpel from my hand, giving himself an accidental nick. He looked at my cuts, and saw that they were gushing blood.

"What in hell were you thinking?" he yelled. "Are you trying to kill yourself?"

"I don't want to suffer anymore!" I replied. "In the past month alone my boyfriend broke up with me, I got in a car crash, my family has died, I found out I have brain cancer, one of my best friend killed herself, and my ex hates me. How can I continue if nothing will get better?"

Blood was still flowing out of my cuts like a waterfall down a cliff. I started to feel nauseous and was falling in and out of consciousness. Finally, I passed out for good.

When I woke up, Braydon was there. He held a bouquet of flowers. I looked at my side table. No bouquets. Maybe Mr. Cartwright took them home.

I looked at the bouquet. They were Baby's Breath. It meant "I Love You". I knew he did.

"I love you, too," I said to him. He looked startled, like he never thought I would wake up.

"What?" Then he looked at the flowers. "Oh, yeah. I picked them up at Boo's. I hope you like them..." He set them down on the side table.


Braydon Christianson: my boyfriend. He was really sweet and selfless. He made me laugh, even in the worst of times. He was super cute and a great athlete. I totally fell for him when I first met him. Literally.

I was in the cafeteria taking my food the my table with Aurora, Milly, Carly, Sally (Everdeen), and Cindy. The tables were practically squished together, and kids thought that it was okay to put their bags in the cracks in between each table. Not a good idea, by the way.

I set my food on the table next to Aurora, and I realized I forgot "silver" ware, but it was really plastic-ware. Inconveniently enough, I was right in the middle of Backpack Town.

I was trying to get out of the crowd of bags, and I was successful...until the end.

On the very last bag, I tripped and fell. It wasn't a hard fall, though. It felt as if I fell on two soft sticks. It felt nice, but weird.

I looked up, and realized Braydon caught me. I had a huge crush on him, even when Wyatt and I were together. He was a loner, though. He didn't talk to anyone, and no one talked to him. He was just, well, there.

He helped me back on my feet.

"Um..." I froze solid. Why him, of all people? "Thanks. I appreciate it."

"No problem," he replied. "I'm-"

"Braydon, I know. I'm-"

"Aubrianne. I know."

"You can call me Bri."


"I'm really sorry about...well, you know..." He lost his words. He did that a lot. But, I found it adorable.
We stayed quiet for a while, then he spoke.

"So, uh...what's it like? You know, to have brain cancer."

I was shocked that he would ask that. He usually just left problems alone, and didn't ask question. But I didn't mind.

"Uh..." I started. I had no idea of what to say. "...well, it's...painful, to say the least. A lot of headaches. I forget things a lot, which isn't great. I become fatigued and nauseous. There a lot to it."

"Oh," Braydon said. He looked at the clock. It was 3:51 P.M. on Friday.

"Shouldn't you be getting to baseball practice?" I asked him.

"Yeah," he answered. "I'm sorry. I'll be back in a few hours. Don't kill yourself."

I laughed a little, but I looked at his face and saw that he was serious.

"I won't," I assured. "I promise."

He walked out of the room. Minutes later, a doctor walked in. It was the one we crashed into, for some reason. Why is he here? I thought.

"Aubrianne," he started. "Have you been feeling alright?"

I nodded. I was feeling a lot better than before.

"I have for you, to say the least. Is there anyone else that should be here when I tell you?"

I called Mr. Cartwright, and we prepared for the worst. What he said next was not expected at all.

"Bri," our doctor said, who's name was Dr. Johnson. "This is really hard for me to say. But, your's immedicable."

What? Mr. Cartwright looked down in sorrow. What the hell does "immedicable" mean?

"I'm sorry," I blurted. "What does that mean?"

"Bri," Mr. Cartwright said. "You have terminal cancer. It's incurable."

My whole world collapsed. I sat there, thinking. What would I be doing right now if things were normal? I wondered. I would probably be at home, practicing my harp. Maybe work on homework. But instead I ended up here, ill with a sickness that's incurable.

After a half hour, Mr. Cartwright and I were alone. He decided to bring his computer to work out dates to come for radiation, chemotherapy and targeted therapy sessions.

After it really hit me, I started to cry. I just lost it. I didn't want to die. I wanted to finish school and get married and go to college and have a job and have kids. But I could never have that, because I was going to die.
Mr. Cartwright sat next to me on my bed, pulling me into a tight hug. We sat there for what seemed like 2 hours, but was really 30 minutes.

Braydon never came back that night, nor did he come the next day. I tried calling and texting him on his cellphone, but he didn't answer. I started to get worried. He always answered when I called him, but he didn't this time. What happened to him? I thought.

I was released to go home, wherever home was. Even after all the time I had known Mr. Cartwright, I never really knew where he lived until that day. That day was a day I'd never forget.

We went up an elevator of a building I had never seen before. We went to level 3, and it was the first door on the left. Mr. Cartwright wheeled me into his apartment.

His apartment was incredible. All of my stuff was already there. The rooms were large and the setting itself was comfortable.

Mr. Cartwright pressed the button to voice mail on the house phone. A robotic voice spoke.

"You have. 1. New message."

The voice then turned into Laura Christianson's; Braydon's mother.

"Aaron, it's Laura. Um...Braydon has gone missing. We have no clue where he is. If you know about any of his whereabouts, please call me back."

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