Broken Mind

Aubrianne McCoy is an outcast, but when she gets in a car crash with her science teacher, Mr. Cartwright, she is all kids can talk about. But she faces more troubles besides her injuries. Will Bri break down, or will she face her troubles and move on?


2. Chapter 2

I was looking out the window, watching as the scenery of the world flew by me. I saw all of the houses and trees and other cars. But the others weren't like this one. This was a 2017 Chevrolet Spark LS. If you don't know, these things are not as expensive as others, but nice. Like, really nice. I'm talking leather seats and touchpad monitor for radio, and it was small on the outside, but large on the inside.

"Bri?" said Mr. Cartwright.

"Yes?" I answered.

"You okay? You seem a little quiet."

"I'm alright, I guess. Just..." I paused. "...thinking."

"Thinking?" Mr. Cartwright said. "About what, exactly?"

"Oh, you know. Candice, homework, and-" I stopped quickly. I grunted as I felt pain rushing through my head.

This had been going on for months and I didn't know why. I asked my parents relentlessly to go to the doctors, but they said that they were just migranes. They didn't understand what pain I was in. You could not compare to the pain I felt.

"Daily headaches?" Mr. Cartwright asked.

"...yeah. They're getting worse everyday, and I'm starting to worry. What if it's something bad?"

"I don't know, Aubrianne. But I'll tell you this: I knew someone in college who had the same things as you. Headaches, fatigue, nausea, forgetfulness. He turned out fine."

"When was the last time you heard from him?" I asked. He stayed silent. He probably hasn't heard from him since that incident. I didn't ask him anymore questions when we had gotten to that point.

Though, I really wanted to talk to him about what happened that whole day. Not only did something happen with Candice, but also with Cindy.


Cindy Smith: the silent, weird, and bisexual girl. I, along with everyone else, didn't have any problems with her. She didn't really talk or hang out with anyone. She was just, well, there. I was really the only one Cindy would talk to.

She sat next to me at lunch that day. We talked about school and out of school and what we wanted to do with our lives. We never really talked about our relationship status. We just talked.

But after a moment of silence, Cindy started to lean into me, pursing her lips. She started to close her eyes, and I knew it meant trouble.

I was frozen solid as se was leaning, closer and closer. Soon, she reached my lips and my world started crashing down on me. I was confused. I was well aware if what was happening at that moment, but I was confused about me. Who was I?

I then told Cindy about my boyfriend, Braydon Cornelius. I told her how far along we were in the relationship, and how I was happy.

As I was telling her this, I noticed that her face had started to drop. She wasn't in the cheery smile she always had on. She had a ginormous frown, and I saw tears coming out of her eyes.

We say there in silence for a few minutes, then she bursted into tears and ran out of the cafeteria, probably to the bathroom. I didn't see her the rest of the day.


I didn't want to tell Mr. Cartwright about that, though. He would tell my parents, and we would have a deep conversation about it.

"So, what is it you're doing at the park?" Mr. Cartwright asked, trying to break the tension.

"Family reunion, I guess," I replied.

"You guess?" he asked again. "Aubrianne, I don't think you're well. Are you sure you're feeling okay?"

Honestly, I was not feeling okay. My head felt like someone was pounding it with a hammer. My knee had popped earlier that day. My bruises from the fight were still throbbing. Still, I told him nothing.

"Yes, I'm fine," I answered. "Why are you even doing this for me, anyway? I mean, giving me a ride. Don't you have a badminton tournament?"

"Yeah, but-"

"Then why are you worrying about me? Won't you be late?"

"Yes, now I will be late, but-"

"Then why are you taking me? Doesn't this matter to you?"

He sighed. "I..." he pauses. "I care about you, Bri. Maybe more than I should..."

He looks at me, and I look back at him. We were sitting there, just staring at each other.

And after a few seconds, everything

Black. Just a plain black. I had no idea what was going on, but then I started to see a little bit of light. Then, a whole setting appeared. But everything was blurry. I couldn't see anything.

"Aubrianne?" asked a voice. It was very faint. The voice said it again. "Aubrianne!"

Everything went back into focus, and I realized I wasn't in a car with Mr. Cartwright. I was on a sandy and rocky surface, and Mr. Cartwright was kneeling next to me, and so was a man I didn't know.

"Are you okay?" the man asked me.

"Wha-" I paused once again, for the same reason as last time: I had a terrible headache. I grunted. "What happened?" I asked, holding my head.

"We were just in a car accident, Bri," Mr. Cartwright answered. "This man just so happens to be a doctor."

"Yeah," the man says. "Can you try to sit up, Bri?"

Only my closest friends and family called me that, but I tried sitting up. I was pulling myself up, and my left wrist was in pain. My legs also hurt as I dragged them up.

"Can you stand up?"

I tried standing up, but my legs were in so much pain that I couldn't stand. After I told him, the man examined me more, until he told me what was going on.

"It appears that you have a broken wrist and broken legs," he told me and Mr. Cartwright. "Can I see your stomach, please? Your shirt looks odd..."

I lift my shirt to where my bra almost showed, and the man looks shocked. I look down and realize...I'm bleeding.

There was a big slit down my stomach, and blood was flowing out. I saw, and I fell back down on my back, feeling woozy.

"," the man said. That was all I heard before I passed out.

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