Broken Mind

Aubrianne McCoy is an outcast, but when she gets in a car crash with her science teacher, Mr. Cartwright, she is all kids can talk about. But she faces more troubles besides her injuries. Will Bri break down, or will she face her troubles and move on?


10. Chapter 10

The week passed by rather quickly. We did a lot of science experiments for five days straight. You know what they say: time flies by when you're having fun!

The day that everyone was leaving was a Friday, and I was wide awake. I would be starting treatment for my tumor later that day. The appointment was scheduled for 7:45 that night, which was weird considering that appointments usually ended at 7:00. I didn't mind, though.

I waited on the grass in front of the dorms for Dad to pick me up. I was the last one waiting for someone, and I started to get nauseous. I didn't know what was going on, and then everything went black.

"Bri..." I heard a small voice say. "Bri!"

I quickly came out of my delirious state of mind and came back to the real world. I was laying down, and Dad was kneeling next to me. What happened? I asked myself.

"Are you okay, Bri?" Dad asked me.

"I..." I started. "...don't know. What happened?"

"I think you fainted," he replied. "Let's just take it easy the rest of the day. Can you do that?"

I nodded. We got into Dad's new car: a verde azzurro Fiat 500. It was like his old car: small and blue. But now it was a different shade of blue, and it was a new make.

We got home around 6:30, and yet again was a voicemail. This time, it was Milly.

"Hey, Aubrianne. It's Milly."


Milly Hicks: one of my best friends. She has this weird obsession with this YouTuber named "Aphmau". I never really got into her.

She has a family of nine, if you count pets. This is her family in age order:

-Daniel (father)
-Brittany (mother)
-Earl (brother)
-Hope (sister)
-Milly (herself)
-Aurora (adopted sister)
-Maya (Rottweiler)
-Lilly (Scottish Fold Cat)
-Angel (Chow Chow)

I met Milly in first grade. She was advised to stay back a year, so she did.

She was really sweet, and I mean really. She smiled at everyone, even strangers.

Although, she got really sad sometimes. Kids from my class would pick on her, saying that she failed first grade and she was "old".

She was alone at recess one day, and she looked sad. I walked up to her and sat in the swing next to hers. I realized she was crying. She then turned to me.

"What?" she shouted. "You come to pick on me more?"

"No," I replied softly. "I wanted to come over here and make sure you're okay."

He glimmering hazel eyes looked at me in confusion. "What?" she exclaimed quietly. "Why not?"

"Why would I? You seem really nice. People do for popularity, but I don't want to be that way." I put my band on her leg. "Wanna be friends?"

She gave me a hug, and I assumed this meant yes. We have been friends ever since.


There was silence for about five seconds, then Milly spoke again.

"Bri, I'm so sorry about everything that has happened to you. I was wondering if you ever have some time to come over to my house. Call me as soon as possible. Thanks!"

Then, the next person's voice came on. It was, surprisingly, Queenie Woodley.

"Hey, Aubrianne. Listen, I'm sorry about what happened to you, and what I have done to you. If you ever need anything, call me."

The voicemails went on and on and on and on and...need I continue?

About a half hour later, Dad and I parked in the hospital parking lot. We were a little early, but we were able to get in a half hour earlier.

The doctor, who's name was Dr. Knowlton, gave me a chemotherapy shot. It felt weird. I felt the sharp pain in my neck, and then it felt like something going up into my brain. It felt cold and uncomfortable.

Then, I was given radiation. It was also kinda weird. I was laying on the mold of the x-ray table. There were these lasers that shot out from almost all directions. It felt a little weird, but I barely felt anything.

It only lasted for a little while, and I was released within minutes. They warned Dad and I about seeing some effects such as hair loss, fatigue, skin changes, etc. They also said something about sexual effects, which kinda surprised me a little.

Dad and I were out of there at around 8:15 or so. In the middle of driving, Dad got a phone call from the school. He talked for a few minutes, then hung up. We parked on the shoulder of the road, then he turned to me.

"Aubrianne," he started. "I"

"What?" I asked. "What is it?"

"There was...I can't say hurts too much..."

"Please, tell me."

"The was burned down an hour ago."

Oh God, no. My life was now worthless: I was sick, my family was dead, my boyfriend has gone insane, and I didn't even have an education.

I was able to get a few words out of my mouth. "Who did it?"

Dad looked down. "It was the Pranksters."

The Pranksters: the gang I created earlier that year. Obviously, they have gone too far in five months. These were the members:

-Carly (Jordan)
-Sarah (Tupper)

I started crying. It's my fault, I said to myself. If I didn't start this group, this wouldn't have happened.

"Were they all there?" I asked.

"No, it was only Carly and Sarah," Dad responded. "But according to the police, the idea was given by Cindy before she-"

He stopped talking right there. He knew it was too sensitive, both for me and him.

When we got home, I went to my room. I texted Milly.

-Did you hear what happened?

An hour later, she replied.

Yeah, I heard-
Why did they do that?-

-I have no idea
-Hey, I got your message
-When would be a good time to come over?

Actually, now wouldn't be a great time...-
Something happened-

-What happened?

I went to the doctor's yesterday-
I've been diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma-
It might not be curable-


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