Songspiration. (Short stories inspired by songs)


1. Lay Me Down


I laid in my bed staring at the ceiling endlessly as tears slid down my face and his favorite Sam Smith song Lay Me Down bounced off the walls. I had been dreading this day for the past few weeks. I didn’t want for it to come but I knew unless I could magically freeze time or skip it, it would come anyway not that it mattered. No amount of time would make this hurt any less.


“Y/N, Julian and I are going out with one of his friends do you want to join us?” I looked over at my door to see my sister Talia looking at me with worry in her eyes. She had reached over to pause the music without me even realizing.


“No, I want to stay home.”


“Y/N I know that today is gonna be tough but that doesn’t mean you should hide.” I didn’t say anything. She sighed. “You should come with us just for a couple of hours. We’re leaving in 20.” She replied before closing the door. I didn’t understand how she could ask me to go with her and her boyfriend to meet his friend on a day like today. She had to know I wasn’t going and there was no way she or Julian could make me go. I just wanted to stay in bed and be away from the world.


20 minutes passed and Julian came into my room. “C’mon Y/N, you can’t stay in this room for the whole day.”


“Why not,” I asked.


“Because I’m here,” he retorted.


“That doesn’t answer my question.” Before I knew it he lifted me out of bed. “What are you doing? Put me down!” I shouted knowing he wasn’t about to do that. He carried me into the bathroom where Talia was waiting for me. “I’m not going.” I kept protesting.


“Y/N it’s not healthy. You should be surrounded by friends today. He would want you to celebrate not wallow.”


“C’mon if you come for half an hour I’ll leave you alone for the rest of the day.”


“Fine, now can I get ready in peace?” They left my room and I started getting ready. I threw on a pair of worn jeans and his favorite tee. We went to Starbucks to meet up with Connor. He’s an old college friend of Julian’s that I knew for the last few months that he was there. They both studied film and editing, something that has come in handy for me.


For the first 10 minutes or so Julian and Connor caught each other up on what’s happened since they graduated a couple years back. Of course, Talia and Jules were dating back then so not much to update from there other than that they’ve lasted this long and if all goes well he’ll be my brother-in-law. He’s already asked me and talked to me about proposing to her in a week.


Talia brought up one of the many videos that we worked on only because it was her absolute favorite. ”Can I see it?” Connor asked. I nodded immediately typing my name into the search bar. He was so impressed with my dancing that we moved to a different table so we could watch more of my videos. After Julian and Talia insisted that is.


"Do you dance?"


"This is kinda embarrassing to admit but I don't know how to dance. Do you think you could teach me?" I smiled looking at him.


"I would love to."


"Really?" he asked shocked. I nodded.


"How soon do you want to start?" He shrugged. "I'm sure I could pull some strings down at the studio a block down from my house if you want to start tonight?"


"Could you do that?"


"Yeah just give me a minute to tell my sister where we're going then we can head out." I got up from our table and told Talia where Connor and I were going. She looked at Julian who looked at her. They smiled then looked back to me.


"You two have fun." she said winking.


"Just not too much fun," Julian said loud enough for Connor to hear. I rolled my eyes realizing what they had done. Talia being my older sister and in a relationship wanted me to be happy like her so she asked Julian to set me up with one of his friends and because I've met Connor before they figured we wouldn't feel as nervous or whatever. I'll admit he is cute and super nice but I know I'm not ready to be in a relationship so soon.


"C'mon let's go," I told him walking out. We walked to Desert Star Dance Studio.


One of the first people I noticed was my friend Nicole. "Hey (YN), who's your friend?" she asked eyeing him.


"Nicole, meet Connor he's one of Julian's friends, Connor this Nicole my best friend." I introduced them to each other.


"Nice to meet you." he said to her.


"So what brings you two?"


"We're actually here to reserve a room for an hour tonight." her eyebrow raised. Not her too?!


"I was hoping to put together some kind of routine for my next video and since my usual partner is out of town and Julian's on a date with Talia, Connor kindly offered to help me out so here we are." I sorta lied. "Right," I asked looking at Connor.


"Yeah, I mean I might be a little slow because it's been years since I danced like that but it shouldn't be a problem." he kept it going.


"Okay. Do you only need tonight?" she asked.


"We're going to need an hour every night this week and maybe even next week," I told her. She looked through her work tablet meanwhile I glanced over at Connor who was nervous. I was about to touch his arm signaling it was okay but Nicole looked up from her tablet.


"Everything's set. Room 2 is reserved for an hour every day up until next Friday night. Sound good?"


"Sounds great." she showed us to the room and told me to lock up when we're done.


"Are you nervous?" I asked him. He didn't say a word. "You don't have to be. We'll just take it slow. I mean we have an hour tonight and every night for the next week so we have all the time we could need."


"Do you know what song I’m learning?" I nodded.


"I Don’t Mind by Usher." I started the song for him to listen while I went through the choreography and he watched. Once the song was over I began showing him step-by-step. He was learning it faster than I thought. Some time had passed and my phone was ringing. I reached for it. "That hour flew by quick. We should go."


"I'll walk you home." he offered. We gathered our stuff and he walked me home. While we walked we talked about Talia and Julian trying to set us up and we talked a little about my dance lesson. We talked about so much for so long that we even sat on the steps leading to the front door for another 20 minutes. "I had fun tonight."


"Yeah me too,"


"I'll see you tomorrow?" he asked.


"Definitely, I wouldn't miss it." I smiled. He started walking off. I turned around to see my sister waiting at the door with a smile on her face.


"You're home late." I looked at my phone.


"I've been home for the last 20 minutes I just didn't come inside."


"Were you and Connor making out?"


"We were talking. That's it." she looked disappointed.


"C'mon he's a nice guy. You deserve a nice guy after everything."


"Can we not talk about this?" I asked her.


"We won't talk about it if you don't want to I'm just saying at least give the guy a chance." I thought about it.


"He is cute." I cracked a smile. Talia rolled her eyes at me and laughed.


"Come here." she pulled me in for a hug. “Happy birthday.” She said.


“Happy birthday,” I repeated while a tear escaped.




**2 weeks later**


"5, 6, 7, 8," I counted before we went through the choreography for the last time tonight. A little over a minute and a half later we were done for the day. "That was perfect," I said holding my hand out for him to high five and he did. "Hey, do you know what time it is?"


He searched for his phone. "It's 6:30. Is your sister expecting you back at the hotel?" he asked me.


"Yeah, I have to call her to pick me up."


"I'll take you."


"You don't have to."


"I don't mind at all. Where are you staying?" and like that, I had a ride back to the hotel.


We got into his car and all through the drive we talked and laughed even more than we did rehearsing. Too bad I wasn't staying further from the studio. We could have talked all night. It was nice catching up with Miles. I really did miss dancing with him but this would be the last time for awhile since he’s going on tour as a backup dancer for Jennifer Lopez. "Thanks for the ride. I'll see you tomorrow." I said getting off the car. I walked inside and headed for the elevators. I reached my floor and got off. I started looking for my room and found it with Talia and Julian waiting for me inside.


"How'd it go?" he asked.


"It was great. We got to catch up. I still can’t believe he’s going on tour with J.Lo!"


"Did you guys make-out?" Talia asked.


"Really, that's your question?" I asked her sort of annoyed. I mean it wasn't that long ago that she and Julian tried setting me up with Connor and failed. Okay, so they didn't completely fail we are friends now but still.


"You can't blame me for wanting my little sister to be happy can you?"


"I can try."


"(YN) don't be that way. I just want you to have what I have. I want you to have someone who loves you unconditionally and someone who's always there for you like Julian is for me," she said looking at him smiling lovingly.


"I had what you had or at least I thought I did until..." I stopped myself before the tears started forming. This happens every time, just the thought of him always brings tears to my eyes no matter how hard I try not to cry. "It still feels fresh." was all I could say.


"(YN) I know it still hurts but you have to move on." Talia said pulling me close as tears began to form.


“How can I move on? Today’s the day he left me, the day he left us.”


"Mason would have wanted you to move on. He would want you to be happy." Julian said with tears streaming down his face and a small smile. He was right. If anyone knew Mason more than Talia and I it would be Julian. They were like brothers. "I never told you this because anytime we brought him up this happened but you deserve to know."


"Deserve to know what?" I asked.


"A week before he died we had a double date remember?" I nodded my head.




"And like always we were waiting in the living room for the both of you to come down and he told me "Jules can I tell you something?" and I told him "Yeah, of course." I just thought that it was gonna be like every other conversation that we had while we waited. But I was wrong he said something completely out of the blue. "If I die in a month I'll know I died happy. I'll die knowing someone as beautiful and wonderful as (YN) loved me as much I love her." Julian finished.


"And then a week later he was run off the road by a drunk driver," I whispered. Everything that happened that night started running through my mind. Talia and I were cry-laughing while watching White Chicks when she got the call from Julian about Mason being in the hospital. We rushed over so quickly that neither of us realized we were in our pajamas but we didn't care. Mason needed us. Mason needed me. As soon as we found him I broke down seeing him lying in that bed so lifeless. The color in his face was gone. "I remember him struggling to say something and when he finally had the strength all he managed to say was 'I love you (YN)." before he flat-lined."


"If you remember they sent us home with his belongings and you guys asked if I could go through them." we nodded. "Apparently he wrote letters for us all and I never had the heart to read mine." I was confused and so was Talia because we both looked at each other and back to Julian.


"How did he know he was going to die?" Talia asked.


"I don't know but these letters have been waiting for us for two years," Julian replied before handing us an envelope.


"On the count of three," I said. We opened them slowly pulling the paper out, each taking a breath before reading Mason's final words. "He had such beautiful penmanship," I said with tears streaming down my face. He would always write little love notes and leave them all over our house for me to find. In his letter, he went on to explain the reason for writing it in the first place. He knew he was dying.


He reminded me of a fight we had a few months earlier about him keeping a secret. I was worried he was cheating on me but I couldn't find any evidence, as it turns out that secret wasn't that he was cheating or that he didn't want to be with me anymore it was that he was diagnosed with a heart problem as a child and it just got worse over the years. He was told that he needed a heart transplant but he couldn't get a new heart in time. His name was so far down on the wait-list there was no use he would die before he ever got a new heart.


“I need to get some air,” I said before rushing out the door and running down the flight of stairs just to stop about two floors down and sit on one of the steps balling my eyes out. I couldn’t hold in my pain anymore, the pain of losing someone who meant so much to me, the pain of losing such an incredible friend, the pain of going through it every day and having to act like it never happened and the pain of realizing I would have lost him no matter what. It hit me all at once, I felt like I had just been run over by an 18-wheeler a million times over. My heart ached like never before I just wanted it to stop.


Next thing I knew I felt arms wrap around me engulfing me in a hug, I continued to cry until I couldn’t cry anymore. When I finally looked up knowing full well I had to look like a mess the person who was comforting me was Connor. “What are you doing out here?” I asked him.

“I came to visit you and see how you were doing. Julian and Talia said you took off after you read Mason’s letter and I knew you needed someone to comfort you.” I hugged him tight and didn’t let go. He hugged me back just as tight. I felt safe for the first time in a long time and before I knew it the chorus from Lay Me Down started to play in the back of my mind.

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