Songspiration. (Short stories inspired by songs)


2. Into You (Derek Theler)


*Friday night*

“Hey John wants to know if you’re free Wednesday night.”


“That depends…”


“He wants everyone to gather at his place to watch wrestling.”


“Wednesday? Lucha Underground is coming back isn’t it?”


“Yeah he also thought we could all catch up.”


“I would love to.”


“Awesome. Are we still on for tonight?”




*Wednesday night*

“How do I look?” I asked stepping out of the bathroom dressed for tonight. Derek stared at me looking me up and down with a smile on his face.


“Amazing,” he breathed. “But, you’re overdressed.” I glanced down flattening any wrinkles.


“How am I overdressed?” I questioned. He stood up walking toward me. His 6 foot 5 frame shadowing my 5 foot 6 frame and he reached his hands in back of me sliding the zipper down. His hands grazed my skin before leaning down low enough to meet my lips.


“I’m so into you right now.” He said kissing me passionately.


“I’m into you.” I breathed.




Johnny opened the door and smiled wide when he saw Derek and I standing at his door. “Come in, we still have a couple of hours before the shows on.” He explained. We walked inside. “So did you guys come together?”


“Derek thought it would save me time and gas if he picked me up,” I explained it away. No one knows that Derek and I have been dating. We’ve kinda kept it secret for as long as possible.


“Hey you two,” Jean-Luc sang. He played Derek’s brother on their show Baby Daddy. “What have you two been up to?” he asked. It’s like he knows and he’s just trying to get us to slip up. Well, it’s not gonna happen.


“We haven’t talked much lately,” Derek replied. We continued talking catching each other up on what’s been happening since we last hung out. Johnny told us that he’s planning to propose to Taya, and Jean-Luc told us about a project he’ll be working on in the near future and Derek shared that he’ll be working on a movie really soon, something I didn’t know about. I’m really happy that he’ll get to keep acting now that Baby Daddy is over. He was really upset that it ended and wasn’t entirely sure he would act after and here he is saying otherwise.



We all gathered in the living room taking our seats, I chose, however, to sit on the floor while the guys took the couch. Honestly, I was grateful because it was pretty packed. I sat on the floor with my legs crossed watching the TV with Derek next to me then Johnny came in with snacks and was looking for a seat noticing the seat above where I sat was free. “Here ya go,” Derek said to Johnny scooting to sit behind me. Now his legs are on either side of me instead of next to me like before.


“We should take a picture before it starts,” I suggested catching Jean-Luc’s look in the corner of my eye. “Derek would you mind taking it,” I asked. He agreed and took a picture with his phone before the show started.


Throughout the show Derek and I were getting a little too comfy without realizing but thankfully the guys were too busy watching the action to even notice until I looked up to see Derek’s reaction to the show and he looked down at me, we locked eyes for a moment and he instinctively leaned down pecking my lips.


When we noticed what just happened we pulled away just enough and we both cursed under our breath at the same time and stayed that way for a second before everyone shouted “Finally!” He leaned down again and pecked my lips again before pressing them this time locking our lips. He smirked in the kiss and I giggled momentarily breaking the kiss before returning my lips to his.

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